My Life At DESPO – Episode 57

‘;qer After i saw Emma off, i came back and observed my siesta, for the brain to cool off a bit.

I woke up, read the course we had the next day for about an hour before i remembered that i had to meet Akp. I dialed his number and he picked up, i asked the venue of our meeting point, he told me to meet him up at ‘Western City’, a popular lodge in school, told him i was on my way before i ended the call.

When i got there, i was surprised by what i saw. I met a group of boys and girls standing in the front, I noticed the atmosphere was tensed, so I walked slowly while my eyes and ears became auto-focused.

‘Which direction did they go?’

‘How many dem be?’

‘You fit describe dem, which kine clothes dem wear?’

Were the questions directed to a girl who held her cheeks and was crying profusely while some people tried to pacify her.

‘ they were two, the one that collected the phone covered his face, he wore a blue shirt’ the girl replied while she sobbed.

‘Heya, nawa o, why you nor shout wen dem try stop you?’ A boy holding a plank asked.

‘They didn’t allow me to shout, I didn’t even know hw it happened, one of them slapped me and before I could open my eyes,they had left with my phone’ she replied.

‘ you sure say you nor dey take selfie, before dem come collect your phone so? Talk true’ another guy chipped in and that seemed to fuel the girl’s cry as she sobbed loudly in reply.

‘What is the brand of phone they stole from you?’ Someone, a lanky dude with dreads asked while he dragged from the burning cigarette he held.

‘It’s an iPhone 6s’ she replied.

‘ ehn? Which side you say dem run go so? Dat phone cannot just go like dat na’ The guy replied as he ordered for a sachet ‘alomo bitter’ before he puffed smoke into the air.

‘ na Im good for her sef, dem nor dey hear word.  All the time dem go dey snap pictures anyhow dey do slay queen for snapchat, her body go reach ground now,’ one guy said from the side. (If you see d kine ‘bad eyes’ wen some babes tey look d guy ehn, bad eye!)

Some babes whom I guess we’re her friends consoled her while some guys told her to forget about the phone.

‘Ooh, why on a dey tell d baby console the babe like say na her family member die, abeg make ona leave her jare. Babe why you dey waste your tears ehn, na the slap make you dey cry abi na the phone?’ One fat guy asked, sounding angry.

All of ona just dey waste ona time dey console the babe, na only one call she go make, her boyfriend wen be G’boy go buy another new iPhone for her by tomorrow’ the fat guy added before he sat.

‘All those boys wen dey obtain people for the road so ehn, the day wen hand go touch any of dem ehn, hmmmm, beating go give am bell o’ one guy said, provokingly.

I brought my phone out and dialed Akp”s number, ‘Akp, I dey front of the lodge, come outside’ I said as he answered my call.

‘ enter inside, come block 9, room 6c’ he replied me before I hung up.

‘Somebody once told me about it, When I was still a little boy. He said to me, Education is the key……’ That ‘Lucky Dube’s’ song played from the room number I was directed to. I hummed along the song as I entered and was welcomed by Akp and 3 other guys who were reading.

I greeted the house before I sat down. Somehow somehow, I joined the reading crew to refresh my memory, the raggae song that played slowly in the background made the reading more interesting, as we read and asked ourselves random question about the course we read.

After the reading session, one of the guys brought food from the kitchen and placed it on the floor.

‘ food dey ground oh, make ona com chop before hunger go wipe all wetin we dey read since from ona brain o’ Sam, an Edo boy who grew up in Lagos, said as he washed his hands and molded a handful of eba.

Before I could say ehn`, the other guys were already seated around the hot soup and smoking eba, struggling to cut a mould.

The hustle for eba was real as every one of them tried to outshine the other. Na so sweat soak their body as if dem dey do exercise.

I just watched and laughed from where I sat.

Efe, you nor go chow? Oshare com join the winning team, no dull oh. Sit down look na dog name o,’ Akp invited me, while they continued to eating. I was about to say my ‘thanks’ when, Papa said, ‘nor mind am, Im mama warn am say make he nor dey chop anoda person food, make dem for nor give am winch chop’.

That statement made everyone in the room laughed, omo, the word weak me, I just laughed.

I didn’t join them cos I was filled; I ate before I went there and I wasn’t used to them as at then.  Akp was my only paddy and the rest guys were mere acquaintances then.

Don’t get it twisted, Papa here is not an old man as you might had thought, papa is a very young boy. He got the ‘title’ from the church he attended in school coz he was very active in church services and activities. I nicknamed him Adekunle Silver cos he looked like ‘A’pkdekunle Gold’.

Wait o, I have one question for you.. why is it that members of a,ll these churches of nowadays be calling a young pastor ‘papa’ sef? Ayam not understanding o.

The part wen dey weak me be say, even those when senior these young pastors go dey call dem ‘papa’ with loyalty. These days, Na some pastors dey call God, nor be God call dem.

I won’t be surprised if I see young men with grey hairs as a result of being called ‘papa’. Lol. If a young papa gets old, what would he be called? Old papa, I guess. Sense wee nor kee me.

While they ate, a guy and a girl entered the room, as they saw the food, the joined the winning team. Welcome to school life, food nor get enemy, na hunger fit make person eat winch food.   Lol

While the guys focused on the eba first, the babe that just came in washed her hands and the first thing she went for was a piece of meat.

‘ see dis gal o, you nor get senior man picture for your house abi, you get the privilege to follow matured men like us eat, na meat con be the first tin wen you wan chop abi, oya drop am now before I chuk soup hand for your eyes’ Papa said as he held her hand from picking the meat.

The whole room erupted with laughter while the babe struggled to free her hands from papa’s grip to no avail.

I later got to know the babe was their neighbor and they do flow along fine.


To be continued….

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