My Life At DESPO – Episode 58

When I checked time, it was past 8pm before I remembered I promised to check on Gift that evening, it skipped my mind cos of the activities that evening.

‘ hey, bitter heart, I’m sowie, I can’t make it to your place tonight as promised, if I should come now, we won’t spend much time together as you would love. I’ll make it upto you after test, okay. Sleep tight’ I texted Gift before I dropped my phone.

She called me some minutes later to know my reason for not coming and i told her it skipped my mind before I apologized, she told me she was supposed to be in school reading but didn’t go cos of me, I felt bad and reassured her of making it upto to her after test before she calmed down and I felt relieved.

When I got to my lodge that night, 2 girls were quarreling while some people tried to calm them down.

The reason the 2 girls were shouting and disturbing the peace of the lodge that night was cos of a boy. Before then, I thought it was a husband that was hard to find, na dat day I know say even boyfriend sef join.  Lol

‘ I thought you were my friend, not knowing you were fvcking my boyfriend behind my back, traitor!’ one of the girls shouted while attempted to rush at her opponent.

The way the girl took the matter over serious ehn, I concluded in my mind that it’s either the said boyfriend is a gee boy or he got a standard drilling machine that takes her to cloud9, or was it cos of love? I doubt cos she mentioned no longer enjoyed some benefits she used to get from her boyfriend, not knowing it was her friend that had overtaken her.

I was like, was she supposed to straff your boyfriend in your presence before?  na 3some e dun be dat na. Nonsense!

Test was ongoing and these ones are fighting over a boy, I guess their village people followed them to school.

The way I see school relationship ehn, I see it as a contract that ends after graduation. The few relationships that survive after graduation, Distance and NYSC ends them, most times.

Only few, I mean very few relationships that started in school actually leads to marriage. ( I dey feel like relationship expert)

After hearing some part of the story while I walked inside the lodge, i just opened my door, entered inside and plugged my earpiece to prevent me from hearing the noise.

The next day I went to class a bit late and to my surprise, all the seats seemed to be occupied so I went to another hall, it was thesame thing.

I managed to see a seat where a girl sat alone, na so I jejely go sit down o, the next thing I heard from her was, ‘someone is already sitting there, stand up’ she said without looking at me and I pretended I didn’t hear her.

I just pretended  I didn’t hear her while I wrote my details on the answer sheet.

‘ are you deaf, I said someone is sitting here already, leave this seat,’she repeated before I gave her that ‘to slap you dey hungry me look’.

‘Excuse me, if you don’t have manners of approach, keep that wide mouth of yours shut! are you alright?’ I fired at her as her last statement made me lost my cool.

She was speechless for a moment before a guy came to where I was, we exchanged greetings before he asked the girl if she reserved seat for him, the girl replied in affirmative, that it was the space she reserved for him that I wanted to sit.

‘ ok, it’s no longer someone is sitting here already again, it’s now a reserved seat ehn, did you carry the seat from your home?’ I asked as my lawyer mood got activated.

‘ bro, abeg nor vex, na me tell her make she keep sit for me dis morning cos I nor go quick come,’ the guy replied me, calmly, deactivating my lawyer mood in the process.

I nodded after his straight to the point explanation. I told him not to worry while the girl watched before I took some steps to leave, but I turned I still felt upset with the girl’s behavior and wouldn’t had felt better if I didn’t tell her what was on my mind, don’t blame, I don’t know how to keep grudges.

I went back towards the babe ,’bad attitude is like a flat tyre, it won’t take you anywhere unless you change it,’ I gave the girl my 2 cent of advice, shook my head before i left the seat to search for another seat.

‘Oga,what are you looking for?’ I heard as a soft palm held my hand from behind. I turned back and saw it was Rose smiling at me.

‘ Madam, I’m looking for a seat’ I replied her before someone drew my attention to Akp’s signal for me to come, excused myself before I left Rose to meet Akp.

‘ oboy, where you dey since wen we dey find you?,’ Papa asked as I got there.

‘ big men dem, I hail o, abeg make ona nor vex, I just dey come so and I dey find seat’ I said before I was shown the space they kept for me and I heaved a sigh of relief before I sat.

Test was easier than expected,  the questions were just like a repetition of the questions we studied together the previous day, we wrote and came out smiling like we had made it in life.

When we got outside, Akp and his roomies were waiting for some of their friends while I sat with them cos I didn’t want to rush home. It was while we sat gisting that Sam drew our attention to a girl.

‘ omo, dat babe fine o, see as she pure finish’ Sam commented as we all paused to look he was referring to, I couldn’t see the person but the rest guys confirmed what Sam said was true.

Some minutes later, I sighted Joy walking, she walked like she was auditioning for a modeling competition and she got attention.

‘ What are you waiting for before you shoot your shot?’ One mind asked me while I watched her move in slow motion.

‘ i thought you considered going for Rose already, hope it’s not what I’m thinking?’ My other mind countered.

King Solomon in the bible was my role model when it comes to wisdom and women affairs but i gave the questions my subconscious asked serious thoughts.

I thought about the pros and cons of getting involved with both of them.

Personally, i have value for (true)friendship very much and i wouldn’t want to destroy their friendship but at the thesame time I want them both, talk about complication, it felt so right and wrong.

I searched my inner mind for answers, I ran to check my mind’s VAR to get the final decision before I know my next line of action, and while I meditated, waiting for the right answer, Gift’s call came in.

‘ good morning, baby, where are you, I’m on my way to school now and i want to see you,’ she said and the call ended before I could reply, network issues.

Gift’s call disrupted my decision making thoughts that moment, I was like which kine wahala be dis.

Just then, Joy approached me, smiling, I didn’t know how she managed to see me, she exchanged greetings with my guys and i before she faced, held my palm and dragged me playfully away from my connects.

‘ I’ll be back guys, lemme attend to this shy queen shortly’ I said as I excused myself and followed her lead.

‘ what bringeth thou to my territory this morning,’ I smiled while i asked her immediately we left were my guys were.

‘ I didn’t know you have a territory, anyways, I came to meet Rose’ she said.

‘ ok, how was your test today, I know you did ‘copy and paste’ I said jokingly while she laughed,

‘ why would I copy and paste when I had been preparing seriously’ she replied while she smiled.

She was about to say something when my phone beeped, when I checked the message, it was from Gift, she asked where I was, that she was inside school already.

Everything was happening too fast for my liking, why would she want to see me this morning of all days, when I am having some cool time with Joy in the absence of Rose, ehn. What is all dis?

I wouldn’t want Gift to meet Joy cos she(Gift) was a queen of PDA and that might spoil my chances should I decide to get involved with Joy later on.

With the thoughts of Gift’s coming in mind, I decided to end the talk session I had with Joy but not before collecting her control(number).

‘I wanted to call you the other day to ask what you were looking for in my dream, but I realized I didn’t have your number, oya do the needful’ I said while i winked and handed her my phone.

‘ you are not serious’ she said while she smiled and typed her number and dialled her number before she gave me back my phone.

‘ shy queen, have got now, see ya lerra’ I said before we Ieft, i went to meet my guys were they sat while she went to look for Rose.

‘ who be dat babe na,’ Akp asked when I got back.

‘ ona nor dey see woman dey close eyes sef’ I replied dodging avoiding the question in the process.

‘ ogbeni answer me before thunder strike you there,’ Akp insisted while we all laughed.

‘ you no well! She be my friend,’ I replied him while we laughed.

‘You sure say na just friend? Talk truth now before we go collect her from you oh,’Papa chipped in and we laughed.

‘wehdone oh, oga collector and association of babes collectors, I hail oh! Ona dey ree to go collect her oh, I no get problem,’ I replied cos I didn’t see it as a big deal.  If any of dem toast her, she con accept to gree,  no qualms. After all, the world doesn’t revolve around me. Life will surely go on.

To guy out there, when it comes to women affairs, its not a do or die affair. You win some, you lose some. Don’t goan kee yourself over any bae.

‘See dis papa for church still dey plan to collect person babe and you think say you go mke heaven abi ? Come make heven make I see na, child of the world like you!,’ I replied papa and we all laughed.

‘Your ear! Why you think say I nor go make heaven,’ he asked me.

‘ because, my broda, heaven is very very far from you, do make you show us your babe sef!’ I replied him.

‘ I nor get babe o,’ he replied, smiling.

‘I know say you nor go ever get babe before, all these papas of nowadays, na so ona dey do, ona go dey hide dey straff all the ‘sisters in the lord’, bad guy!’ I said, jokingly.

‘ you nor well!’ Papa replied.

While we laughed, my phone rang and I remembered I hadn’t replied Gift’s text message. When I checked the caller ID, it was her.

‘ sup dearie, where are you at now?,’ I replied immediately I answered the call.

‘ didn’t you see my text?’ She answered my own question with hers. (Nigerians I hail!).

‘Yea, I saw your text but I was with a potential girlfriend, that was why I couldn’t reply on time, pardon my manners’ I replied her, in my mind though.

‘ don’t mind me joor, i was carried away, where are you’ I insisted to know where she was so that I’ll meet her up.I couldn’t risk her coming to my department, she might just spoil both present and future signings.

She told me where she was at a computer center close to Admin. Block. I told her I’ll be with her shortly before the call ended.

‘ Akp, come make we stroll small,’ I told him to accompany me before we left.

‘GIft, Rose and Joy, which of them do you really want?,’ One my mind asked on our way.

I want them all! After all I got a very big heart that could power several relationships at the same time without failing.

When we got to the computer center, met Gift, she was making some corrections for the computer operator while he typed as she dictated.

There was only a free seat when we got there, I asked Akp to sit a based on say na me carry am waka, I gats give him dat VIP treatment.

‘ I nor know say you get sense like dis o,’ Akp said as he sat while he smiled.

‘Nor be your fault say I allow you sit down’ I replied him while Gift came to meet us.

‘ good morning’ she greeted us with a fake frown.

‘Morning dearie, you look so cute when you frown, wish your face could remain like this forever, na to rush com pay your bride price be dat o,’ I teased her and she laughed.

‘**clears throat** before you attack me, I’m sorry I didn’t reply your text on time, I’m sorry for the wrong things I have done in the past and the ones I’ll do in the future’ I said.

‘ don’t even start, so you even have plans to do more wrong things in the future right’ she asked me, smiling.

Mhen, her smile dey scatter my bololo-dada(ask Reekado Banks).

‘ not that, am just apologizing now incase my apology bank goes empty in the future’I said.

‘ pardon my manners, meet my bouncer, sorry, I mean, meet my brother, Akp. Akp, meet angel Gift,’ I made a quick introduction while they smiled and said their hi’s.

When I asked while she wanted to see me, her reply was that she just wanted to see my face and know if I’m okay. I smiled, sometimes it feels cool to know someone genuinely cares about.

While I smiled like a kid that was given candy, she told me she wants to tell me something confidential, I lowered my head so she could whisper whatever into my ears, only for her to hold my head and gave me a peck on my cheek.

She was to write her own test later that afternoon cos she was in SPAT (Afternoon session) while I was in Regular (Morning session). We agreed to hang out the next weekend after test before Akp and I left.

‘ oshare, dat babe go-well o,’ where you tey jam her.

‘Bros, we neva too go far, you fit go back go ask her abeg,’ i replied as we walked away.


To be continued…

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