My Life At DESPO – Episode 59

The test came and went, things changed a bit after the test, as i got closer with Papa,Sam, Joe and Gudluck. The week after the test, i was at home enjoying my ‘me time’ watching ‘Empire’ (seasonal movie) that Tuesday evening after a stressful day at school, when i received a call from one of my real gee, Azo.

‘ kolo, hwfa na, where you dey?’ he asked.

‘ ekpa, i dey my house o, wetin dey sup,’ i replied.

‘ oma, i dey Otefe like dis o’ he said while he talked to someone on the background.

‘ my guy! My guy! Oma see ehn, hope you buy my bread com o, if not you better dey go back’ i replied and we laughed.

Who even taught Nigerians that one must buy bread when traveling sef? It has been an unofficial requirement when traveling.  Lol

‘ i nor sure say we go fit see today oh. omo, abeg come meet me for house. I nor plan to comot for house this evening, i dey watch film’ i replied him cos i was enjoying the movie.

‘ wait first, so na because of film make you nor fit com see me first abi, no wahala, enjoy your watching,’ he replied me sounding angry.

‘ Ooh God, which kine person you be sef, dem send you com? Oya give small time i dey come’ i replied him before i switched off the appliances in preparation to leave.

I wore a handless over a combat before i stepped out.

When i got there, Azo was engrossed playing game with a laptop.

‘ yeye child, you dey here dey enjoy yourself and you dey disturb me me abi, guy, if Nepa take light before i reach house ehn, i nor go forgive you o,’ i said as i sat on the bed.

‘ you nor get sense oh, so na wetin you fit tey welcome be dat abi, i nor blame you, collect pad make i thrash you small,’ he replied me while he focused on the game.

‘mtcheew, i tell you say na game be my problem? I dey perceive something nice o, Mr Chef, wetin you dey organize for the kitchen?,’ i asked him as i stood to visit the kitchen department.

‘ wen i come Jay and Uncle C nor dey house na, i say make i just arrange something wen we go chow for the night,’ he replied me before he dropped the gamepad.

I just dey com from Bee place sef, she nor dey around and her number nor dey go. I nor tell her say i dey come o, i wan surprise her,’ he said as we entered the kitchen.

Bee was Azo’s girlfriend.  The thing was that, while they dated at home, they neva had time together as Bee was either working as a manager in one branch of her dad’s company or at home under the strict surveillance of her mom.

Their relationship was strictly based on text and calls, nothing physical, not even a peck recorded.  The only time they got to see each other was when they go for meetings, they were JWs.

‘Efe hwfa na, now wen my babe don comot from cage so, na to confirm the love o, abi how you see am,’ he said, as he sought my advice me.

‘ bros, make we talk about that matter later abeg’ i said as i uncovered a bowl.

‘ dis boy, you don start o, see as you don fry everywhere jam just now wen you come so’ i said while we laughed as i saw dodo and fried meat the bowl i uncovered.

Just then the thought of Gift flashed through my mind and i decided to check on her cos her lodge was some few blocks away from where i was.

I called to ask of her whereabouts and she said she was at home. I told her i just called to check on her before i hung up.

I told Azo to accompany me to see Gift’s place.

I do ensure that my guys become friends or know the babes i roll with incase of anything.

Azo and i gisted while we strolled down Gift’s lodge.  We got there 5mins later.  When we got her room, we heard some voices inside before i knocked.

She didn’t reply, she just opened the door and saw us standing like we came to arrest someone.

She greeted us and hugged me before she ushered us inside.

When we got inside, we saw two guys in her room.

‘ chairmen, i hail o’ i greeted the guys as i shook hands with them while Azo waved at them.

Gift came to my side and held my hand before i told her i was just passing and decided to see her before i leave. I said that in an attempt to leave her to be with her guesst, but lai lai,the babe nor gree o.

‘Hey guys, meet my boyfriend, Efe, Efe meet my coursemates,’ she introduced and immediately she said that, i noticed the countenance of one of the guys changed.

I gave him that ‘you neva see anything’ look as i squeezed Gift’s ass while he watched, i pepper the boy.

The way he looked at me that moment, if look could kill, aswear the boy eyes for murder me dat day.

‘Babe, let me allow you be your friends na, see you later,’ i said aloud, so that her coursemates wouldn’t think i came to spoil their show. ( I nor want make anybody put me for mind cos of babe)

‘ no, i was even about to leave my house when you called. Lets go to your friends place together, wait let me change into something better’ she said as rushed towards her wardrobe.

Shall we? I said as she came out looking like her cute self while i walked towards the door.

‘we shall’ she replied, smiling.

We got outside and she told me to give her some time to discharge her coursemates, I just smiled and told her to catch up with us anytime she’s done as Azo and I strolled down slowly.

She came back faster than expected, and she told me she wanted to get suya, I checked my pocket and confirmed I had some rabbas inside before we headed to Genesis junction to get some suya.

After she bought, I paid and we left for Azo’s brother’s lodge.


To be continued…

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