My life at DESPO – Episode 6

“kai, you dey crase? who say make you raise your head?” A soldier asked, whipping a boy in the process.

“ah! mummy o! daddy o! mummy o!” the boy screamed in pain. His shout angered the soldier more, as he kicked him and more whips followed.

” you idiot (a girl), why you no just naked go the club? See wetin you wear comot your house with your clear eyes, you normal so?” that was followed by a brain resetting slap.

Na so the girl just piss for body there oh ( power of army man slap) her brain was restored to default setting that instant, as she fell down and started shouting “oga abeg oh! Abeg oh! I won’t try it again please sir,!” She begged as tears flowed like a river from her eyes.

“sharrap dia, foolish girl. If those anyhow boys molest you now, na you go first say we army no dey do our work. Your parents know say you stil dey outside by this time?” the soldier asked, giving her more hot slaps.

“Ye! Jesu! Jesu!!. Ejor sir! I’m sorry sir ! Abeg sir! I will do it! i will continue, i nor go stop it again” a boy shouted while he was doing frog-jump and being flogged.

I nor sure say the boy na Winners’ member oh but, ‘his case was different‘. *lol*

He carried dread, with earrings and a nose ring. As if that was not enough, he was putting on an army Camo singlet which he sampled ( that moment wey devil one play with your life). Every drilling  was a hit, back to back.

Mega and i just stood there watching our fellow students(clubbers) being worked on(drilled).

I was right there thinking about my life like ‘wat if na me dem dey drill like dat’. I no go gree o. The officer should just kukuma kee me o. *lol*

I’m not afraid of the army, but i dey give their uniform maximum regard. (Thats  not my handwriting oh) *lol*

Don’t com and imitate me, cos If you do, sorry go be your father’s name oh. *lol*

I have heard stories of people being drilled on their way back club at night, but that was the first time i withnessed it live and direct (e good make your head get oil o).

When some students get admitted, they tend to display all kind of immaturity.

Relax, Let me explain. Maturity does not come with age. Thats why you’ll see some 20yrs old behave and speak maturedly more than some 40yrs old.

If maturity comes with age, there wont be a fool at 40. What am i even saying sef? Lol.

Its immaturity that makes you see some students who gained admission behave like a freed lion that had been caged.

They want to do all the things they haven’t been allowed to do and want to explore all the places they have been deprived from going while at home by their parents).

For the parents, It is not good to cage your child(ren) cos most times the end result is not always cool. You might end up raising  beast(s)/loose children who will start unveiling their killer traits once they leave your watch.

Thats why you see some girls get pregnant even before their 1st semester exam. While some boys will starts smoking and engaging in all other social vices.

Personally, I think it will be better if parents start teaching their child(ren) about sex education at their early age, when they are approaching puberty stage. This will guide them from being misled or deceived by some predators in human skin. 

I’m of the opinion that, as a student, your ability to think and behave well without the watch of your parents makes you matured.

There is a big differnce between an Adult and a Big-Baby(boy or girl)..

Am not against life of the party and social activities oh. infact,i am big a fan. *winks*

My problem is that most students tend to get carried away with it (e dey enta dia head).

They easily forget their primary aim of going to school which is to study plus mental, physical and social improvement.

If you are among the set of students who have lost focus in school, Receive Sense!!  *smiles*


Back to the matter,
I am not a prophet o, but right there at the drilling spot, i knew many students vowed never to walk at night again (no more clubbing or birthdays).

The boys who carried dread locks would visit the saloon to get a proper haircut at dawn cos some parts of their hair was designed(cut) with scissors.

The girls with bum-short and skimpy gown were properly flogged as visible marks(evidence of whips) could be seen on their laps( i guess they would miss lectures for some days).

Personally, i vowed to always follow my instincts, no matter what. I cannor com and kee myself for anybody.  *lol*

We went back to meet the bike man and gave him the gist of what was happening ahead, na so fear hold the man oh. He made sign of the cross and entered his bike.

“Oga where you dey go? You wan go die for free?,” I asked him, thinking he wanted to go and meet the military men in action.

” no oh, i leave my wife and children for house, i nor get body wey soldier man go flog. I dey go my house, ona good night oh,” he replied as he sped off.

Why bad things dey always happen to good people sef? (abeg if you know, tell me)

Wetin we con do to deserve that kine treatment from the bikeman. Abi na crime say we give am situation report?

Right there, i started confessing all the sins i could remember i committed to God cos anything could happen.

‘Father God, abeg, i don jonz and fvck up for your side well well o, i don loose guard, i don sin big time but abeg, forgive me,’

‘Incase na today you wan call me, abeg keep my special space for heaven for me. Cos the way this nite dey go so, e dun tire me,’

‘God, i know say you promise say i go be big man for my generation oh, but just incase you dun change your mind say make i com heaven today, abeg accept me.’ I prayed to God in my mind, feeling frustrated.

I was confused cos i dont know what might happen next.

Have you noticed that we tend to remember and get closer to God mostly when we are in trouble?

why e be like dat sef?  *lol*


To be continued…

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