My Life At DESPO – Episode 60

When we got there, Azo wasted no time in dishing the food, and sat around the food. While Azo and I ate, I noticed Gift just held her spoon while she pressed her phone.

‘ babe, why are you not eating?’ I asked her after my observation and she said she wouldn’t eat if I don’t feed her.

‘ is me you are bending neck for abi, I nor sure say hungry dey beat you’ I said with a smile while adjusted close to her.

I fed her and she decided to return the favor, Azo watched and smiled, a broda couldn’t take the display of….. I don’t even know what to call it sef, he picked his phone and dialed his girlfriend’s number.

After we finished eating, Gift cleared the dish to the kitchen before she came back and sat face me while we gisted and fed each other suya.

Azo received a call and went outside. Immediately he left, Gift drew me closer and kissed me, I didn’t expect it. She was like anytime I talk to her, she could barely resist the urge to kiss me and I just laughed it off cos she was unknowingly trying to wake a sleeping lion.

She came for my lips again but this time, with high frequency. I resisted the urge to reciprocate for a while till my resistance level dropped, you know say body nor be firewood, I kissed back.

Babe could kiss, she was a good kisser and we battled chewing our tongues and lips before I held her close to me and breadth on her neck bone before kissing her ear lobes, she melted on my arms.

She turned her back faced me, that way, she ground her soft ass on my v8 engine.  I slid my hand under her shirt, passed through the bra barrier and my finger got in contact with her erected nips.

While this went on, she just held my head from behind while we kissed at intervals. her breathing pattern changed like she was gasping for air. I did slow it down a bit for her to catch her breath before I continued cos I nor wan hear say person pikin faint for my hand.

I went and close the door and came back within 2 seconds.  We continued, this time, the intensity was high. I pinched, squeezed and pressed her rude n!pples at interval.  She grabbed my erected machine and stroked it before I located her center of gravity.

Mhen, down there was flooded with juices. My fingers said ‘hi’ to her clits and she vibrated while she moaned and released more juices in response before I inserted a finger inside her ‘ honey well’.

Her Uhmmms aaaahhhs turned me on more, I enjoyed the soundtrack she gave me as I added another finger inside as i drew several patterns in the well while my thumb kept teasing her clits, she gave me more soundtrack her boobz were very rude.

Never underestimate the power of pre-intimacy oh. it could make *flacid tins* stiff, moisturizes dry honey well and makes things easy and smooth.

And if you are in the act and she isn’t giving you a soundtrack, just know you are aren’t doing something right.  Your just gat discover her soft spot and you are good to go.

Some babes could stifle their moans and you could feel you aren’t doing something right, but don’t be surprised to find out the honey juices could had flooded the area down there.

Different strokes for different folks.  When it comes to the art of lovemaking, like Yung6ix said, ‘treat her like a witch make she ‘cum-fess’. (Shebi you know theres a difference between sex and lovemaking? Is nor me that’ll tell you dat one oh)

She unzipped my fly and brought my erected machine out and stroked it while my fingers worked on her chesterfield and honeywell.

She tried to insert my sim in her port before i realized I didn’t had a shield on and I wasn’t in my house.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable banging in someone else’s apartment. The thought that anyone might come and disrupt the session, didn’t go down with me. My mind wouldn’t just allow me.

The only place I have comfort aside my home is when I lodge, I nor know which kine mind I get sef.  No man goes to the battle without protection, that’s the fastest way to die.

For me, no matter the level of konji, I won’t kpansh without protection, even if CD isn’t 100% guaranteed, but at all- at all na Im bad pass.

The thoughts straffin in someone else’s apartment without shield, plus the fact that I wasn’t ready to look for a babe’s missing period made erected d to develop instant low self-esteem, na so the tin enta im shell back.

I wasn’t too bothered about std with her cos we had kissed and to me, she was hygienic to my standard, even though std nor dey show for face, I cut her some slacks.

She noticed Dickson’s sudden low self-esteem and was like, ‘baby what is the problem’.

‘ I don’t have a CD’ I replied and she sighed.

‘ don’t worry, I’m in my safe period’ she said in an attempt to get me to action, but my brain had shut down the channel that supplied blood to Dickson already. It was at that moment that Postinor2 flashed through my mind before I remembered that it could had substituted CD.

‘ abegi, bone that thought joor, abi you don for get say prevention is better than cure’ one of my mind said in encouragement and I smiled in realization.

One of the reasons it is advisable to get a CD ready before a Champions league match commences in the other room is that, if both of you are in the mood before you decide to go get one, theres high probability that the mood could had evaporated before you get back.

‘He that fails to straff today, shall live to straff another day,’ I said to myself in consolation as I washed my hands in the bathroom.

She got dressed and laid faced the wall, I knew she wasn’t too pleased about my decision of not straffin that evening due to circumstances best understood by me, so, I just went and cuddled her and played with her hair without saying a word.

We were in that position before someone knocked at the door, that was when I realized I locked it some time ago, when I opened the door and met a a girl standing outside, she looked at me with like I was the worst sinner before she said she came to borrow chair.

I gave her the ‘I don’t give a damn’ look before I told her I don’t know her and couldn’t give her what she came to borrow cos I wasn’t in the position to do that.

She told me she lived next door and would return it back, I maintained my stand before Gift came to my side and the neighbor left immediately she saw her.

I guess she didn’t actually mean to borrow anything, she just came to confirm who was inside the house as she might have heard the noises Gift made on her way to cloud9, all these nosy neighbors sef.. choi! (She just use dat one as format)

Azo came back with two other guys after some time and Gift signified me that she wanted to leave, i figured she wasn’t comfy with the presence of the new guys.

I excused myself and saw her off.  When we got outside, there was this awkward silence between us as we held hands and walked without uttering a word to each other. The silence between us was very loud.


To be continued..

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