My Life At DESPO – Episode 63

‘We go jam for Legit later, if you like make you dull,’ Azo said as the bike sped off.

” ehsssss, Wida you there,’ I heard as I waliked in the lonely part that led to my lodge at the middle of the night.

I walked as though I didn’t hear the voice as the owner of the voice repeated the command as I increased my walking speed while I switched off my phone and tried to place it in between my belt and my stomach, I knew it was a danger call but my guts wouldn’t allow me run. ( shebi na we get the street 2geda, why I go run?) Lol.

Immediately I successfully hid it, some guys walked towards me from my front, I tried to give them space to pass while I walked before the voice from behind spoke again.

‘ ahboy, you don deaf abi, you don dey mad abi, I dey call you and you get the mind dey gallivant like say you be jagaban, thunder fire you there, oya jazz ground,’ he barked his orders while I looked my back only to discover some mean looking guys coming out of different angles with holding different tools.

Before I could say pim, I had already been circled by some boys that were not smiling, their face serious pass who hungry dey beat.

‘ oya jazz ground, you dey mad, you think we we come here come set kite, go down before my dagger design you,’ another guy shouted while he pushed me.

At that point I was boiling inside but couldn’t say or do anything at the moment cos a wrong word or miscalculated move would be all needed to sign my death or rough handling ticket cos they outnumbered me and wielded weapons.

My thoughts ran wide in different directions, I stylishly scanned their faces while I recorded their voices in head, I felt like I was trapped and I hated the feeling, if only I could make a call, just a call.

‘ Lucas the collector, oya do your work, go sakpa (search) d boy, ‘ their leader ordered.
Oboy, na so these men wan tey obtain me? ah don die, oh Lord, why me?. ( chai, dem don get me!)

‘ Senior boy, abeg relax, dog nor dey chop dog oh,’ I said, how the words came out of my mouth.

‘ if you disarm your fellow broda for the street, E go make you feel alright? Na brother keep brother, why you wan run me down,’ I said while staring at his eyeballs before he ordered me to face the floor.

‘ You don mad abi, John-D, give dat boy somtin, he don too run mouth here, dis 48 go con dey cap anyhow cappings for here, for wetin na? Him dey mad for liver, obonte!’

‘ ahboy, jazz down, you must collect, idioot boy, wetin your mate dey waka dey find dis kine time, you dey form strong man abi, your selena don fail you today,’ if my system wasn’t strong, the volume of alcohol that came from the mouth of the speaker could had made me drunk. (the boy eyes don detty)

‘ senior boy, I nor price oh, why I go collect? Shebi na who price must collect, ah loyal to your office,’ I said calmly while hoping for a miracle to happen, I wished I had super powers that moment.

‘ you be bloody jew, fvcking 48 like you, stupid idiot, wetin jew man like you dey waka about dey find by dis kine time? You nor know say na only strong men dey roll out by dis time, you wan form actor abi you wan test your selena?,’ one lanky guy among them.

The question made me smile before I frowned, the tin vex me ehn.
‘Men dey cap, you wan still cap abi, if I close your ear with slap ehn, you go get sense! Mad dog,’ I almost replied the boy but, if I had done that, I nor sure say ona for dey read dis story by now.

That boy, wen I go mend anyhow one-on-one, if I gam am for street, just cos he dey with Im men, he con dey run mouth like tap wey im valve spoil.

‘ bros, nor vex abeg, I nor know wetin I dey waka dey find sef, I just confuse, dis school don tire me sef, na to discharge go one side go start life remain sef,’ I said frustrated like my own is finished and one of them laughed.

‘ you wan go school abi, why you dey complain na, ahboy, dis boy don jonze oh, na we born you? Why you dey complain for us na, ahboy wise up oh,’ one guy who had been quiet spoke with no emotion, I couldn’t decipher his mood so I kept shut.

‘ disarm dis man make we dey sail na,’ Lucas walked towards me while he searched my pocket to collect any valuable with me, I was calm while he did his thing(searching), hoping none of them would notice the bulge in my stomach.

‘ omo, nothing came out , dis boy na broke ass oh,how fine boy like dis nor go get money na, and you gadge like dis dey bounce for the road, infact lie down, you must collect for your fvck up,’ one guy on dreads said, while I gave him that ‘you wee nor understand’ look.

It was then I remembered being broke was and still a sin, but wait, on a second thought, if they had money, what would they be looking for in the road waiting for preys to obtain?

One guy pushed me from behind and I staggered forward, as I was trying to gain my balance, I saw a hand coming towards my face with speed, and I docked( thanks to Jackie Chan and co ), as it missed my face, this enraged the guy as he came at me harder dis time with a strong blows.

I dodged the blow but, something hitted me from the back and i didn’t  know how it happened but I saw myself on the floor, like say na full community gather me beat.

The the effect of the hit was so strong that I struggled to stand up, E be like say na bag of cement dem tey stone me, I thought while I struggled to get up.

‘ you dey mad? You think say we con here com follow you knack teeth abi, your own don finish today,’ another guy said as he rushed towards me with an axe.

I feigned staggering while I calculated his movement, as rushed to where I was, I bent down and picked him alight and dashed him to the floor.

This angered the rest guys as one of dem jumped on me and I loosed my grip on the guy on the floor.

I held his shirt and squeezed in an attempt to choke him but I felt a sharp object pierced my back and and pang followed, I could felt the drop of hot liquid from the spot the pain came from.

I held the guy’s neck with all my strenght despite the pain I felt, after all, all die na die, if I must go down, he must go with me, I thought as I gathered momentum and headbutt him, breaking his nose in the process before i punched his lips and blood filled his face.

I felt disgusted and pushed him aside while I waited for the next attacker.
I felt weak from the cut in my back as I knelt down and held the spot before someone I suspected to be their number1 man came towards me with a smirk as I looked at his eyeballs, that moment I couldn’t feel my heart beat cos my heart was drumming.

‘ Actor, wehdone oh, oya say your last prayer cos I i wan send you go meet your ancestors so,’ he said as he brandished a pistol before me.

‘ ogbeni, die it there! If you believe yourself make dem circle our two make we run am man-to-man, hand to hand, if your liver nor carry am make you disembark!’ I challenged him as I spat blood out of my mouth. ( I dinnor know where the morale came from oh)

‘ you bloody jew say make I die it, infact ….,’ he couldn’t complete his statement cos he was engraged as he cocked the gun and pointed it at me.

‘ I be jew man wey fit give in-jews (cultists/strong men) like you race,’ I managed to say with my last strength as I said my last prayer within me before I gave him the middle finger sign as he pulled the trigger but, nothing came out.

I sighed and stood up sluggishly, I was about to charge towards him one of his men threw a block at me, and it landed on my back and I fell down, laid there struggling to catch some breath when my phone rang.

The next minute, I was surrounded by the same squad again, each carrying a 9inches block waiting for the final command from their capon when the sound of 2 gunshots was heard and they all scampered away.

My phone rang again and I was about to pick it when a bright torch light shone in my eyes. I laid there exhausted, struggling to catch my breath with my eyes closed and that was when I woke up to the sound of my phone’s ringtone.

It was a dream!


To be continued….

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