My Life At DESPO – Episode 64

I woke up feeling weak, my head ached, E con be like say dem dey play drum for my head, it was as if the room was rotating as I held my bed tightly so that I won’t fall down. (hangover ti takeover ! )

I began to recall what transpired in Legit the previous night….

‘I might be too strung out on compliments
Overdosed on confidence
Started not to give a fuck and stopped  fearing the  consequence
Drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments
Faded way too long I’m floating in and out of consciousness
And they sayin’ I’m back, I’d agree with that
I just take my time with all this shít, I still believe in that
I had someone tell me I fell off, oh I needed that
And they wanna see me pick back up, well where’d I leave it at
I know I exaggerated things, now I got it like that
Tuck my napkin in my shirt, cause I’m just mobbin’ like that
You know good and well that you don’t want a problem like that
You gone make someone around me catch a body like that
No, don’t do it, please don’t do it, cause one of us goes in
And we all go through it
Drizzy got the money, so Drizzy gonna pay it
Those my brothers, I ain’t even gotta say it
That’s just something they know

They know, they know, they know
They know, they know, they know
They know, they know, they know
Yeah they know yeah
That the real is on the rise
Bleep them other guys’

Drake _ Headlines

The Dj played one of my favorites Drake song as the speakers hitted from different corners of the club and different combination of smoke from weed and cigarettes filled the air, guys and babes were dancing, rocking themselves as if the world would end the next moment.

‘ Wahala for who nor dey here dis night o’ one guy shouted as he jumped up and started showing some dance moves, I smiled while I watched the guy dance cos i knew he was under the anointing of the bastard called ‘shayo’.

My guys and I and some babes occupied one table while they gisted, I nodded and my head to the beat as Drake spat some lines.

The club was on a ginger mood, everyone on our table was busy chatting and shaking body in their sitted position, a passer-by could had mistaken us for spectator, like say we go club go sit down look..

‘ Oma, show make we reason for outside first,’ that was the message I received in my phone and it was from Azo, who sitted opposite me with his babe.

‘ Wetin dey sup?’ I replied his text while I tried to gauge his girlfriend’s countenance to know if anything was wrong before Otoski, one of my friends tapped me, distracting me in the process.

‘ Make we go buy booze na, abi wetin we dey wait for again?,’ he asked me as I faced him.

‘ we dey wait for manners to fall from heaven,’ I replied him sarcastically while the babe that came with Azo’s girlfriend stared at me and laughed.

I stood up decided to be a gentleman as i asked each babes for their brand of drinks before they listed; Best, Smirn Off ice, Malt, Hollandia, Star Radler et al.

I toke a mental note of the baes orders before Otos joined me and we headed to get drinks at the bar section of the club.

‘ oboy, you see dat fair babe with big yansh for our table , I go like dey with her for the night oh, she set die, abi how you see the matter’ that was Otos, the ass-man and legendary fvckaholic.

‘ well, she nor bad sha, I even dey observe her with corner-eye before sef, with dat her ass wey be like pillow,’ i said while smiling.

‘ oboy, abeg comot your eye from my babe abeg, make me and you nor go get problem for here dis night,’ he replied me while we laughed and waited for our turn to be attended to.

‘ oh, she don be ur babe just now? All these boys sef, ona can dey faasst, sharp guy! But I go stil try my luck sha, dat babe na food wey only matured men like us dey chop, nor be for young boy like you, abi you wan die young?’ I asked him, teasingly.

‘ where I tey even know you sef, why your life be like dis? Dat Azo babe friend wey dey eye you since, you dey see her? Why e be say na babe wey I wan love, you wan com follow me drag? No try am oh,’ he threatned while we burst out laughing and some people looked at us as if we were drunk.

I carried some drinks while he carried carried some, the dried table came back to life as both chilled soft and hard drinks of different brands stood on it.

When we came back, I noticed Azo, his girlfriend and the other girl were not on their seat, and when i enquired about their whereabout, Meekest told me they went outside some minutes ago before I excused myself and went out in search of them.

When i got outside, guys could be seen sitted at different angles smoking while some were smooching their babes in the dark places, I just smiled while I scanned the different as I walked in search of Azo and co.

I didn’t find them till I went outside the gate, the ‘lovers’ were not smiling when I met them, i sensed foul play as I gave Azo a questioning look but my guy just ‘stone’ face like say na me put am for the one wey him dey.

‘ oshare respect yourself o, wetin dey worry you, na me you do you?,’ I could had asked him if the babes weren’t there but I decided against it.

Next thing I saw was Bee trying to stop a bike and it was just like a dream, everything was happening too fast. I cleaned my eyes to know if it was real until a bike man stoppen and she approached him before I knew ‘dis one nor be child’s play’ as I ran towards her, leaving an angry but speechless Azo behind.

‘Bros abeg no vex, dey go, na my babe, we just get small issues,’ I told the bike man as I held Bee from entering.

He gave me dat ‘ why you com spoil my market?’ look before he zoomed off.

‘ Babe, what was that for?’ I asked calmly her while I stil held her hands.

‘ don’t mind your friend, I had been putting up with his strange attitude all evening but I feel I can’t take it no more that’s why I decided to leave so that I won’t spoil the fun for you guys,’ she said.

I hummed before I said, ‘ things are not done that way, even if you guys are having issues, you could had just drawn my attention or any of us there. Infact, I’m ‘vexing’ for you already cos what you just did showed that you don’t have regard for any of us there.’

‘I’m sorry, it’s not like I don’t have regard for you guys, I just decided to go home quietly so that I won’t kill your vibes,’ she said in defence.

‘That’s not an excuse, make we leave dat matter first, what did your boyfriend did that got you so angry that you decided to leave him lonely in the midst of other couples?,’ I asked her.

‘ couples ke, Efe please, don’t make me laugh,’ she said holding herself from laughing.

‘ oya tell me the bone of contention between you guys,’ I said.

‘ I told him that I wanted to go home and relax but he got angry, saying he came to spend some time with me but I’m acting as if i don’t care blah blah. It wasn’t what he said that even got me angry, he said it in front of my friend, that’s embarrassing you know,’ she complained.

‘ in front of your friend? No na, chai, see wetin love don cause,’ I said acting suprised.

‘ meaning?,’ she asked me.
‘ My friend, sorry, your boyfriend has missed you so much that he traveled down to spend sometime with the love of his life, that he just couldn’t bear her absence for some seconds,’ I said before I sighed.

‘ I want to apologize on his behalf, I’m sorry for the perceived embarrassment, but I can vouch with my life that it wasn’t intentional, with the things he had told me about you, I’m 101% sure he wouldn’t do anything deliberate to hurt your feelings, dat boy love you ‘scarra’ , I’m not saying it to please you, I’m being honest here,”

” so, please, don’t be offended with the way he acted back there, I can tell he is love drunk, leaving him this way would send the wrong signals like you don’t care about him or reciprocate his love which I know you do, the night is still young, don’t ruin the fun for us, please’

‘ hmmmm,’ she hummed while trying to digest my words.

‘ if you leave now, I’ll be leaving as well as there will be no point being here watching my friend suffer of loneliness while his bae is sleeping peacefully at home,’ I added and she gave me a questioning look.

‘ why would you leave, don’t allow our issue to spoil your vibe, we’ll settle ourselves later,’ she said half smiling.

‘ Bee, you are wicked, lets go inside and chill joor before others will be thinking we have gone to do BAD THING,’ I said and she laughed.

‘ let them think na, after all we are adults’ she said.

‘ oya go and meet your boyfriend before somebody will comman press my neck at night for keeping his girlfriend from him,’ I said while I held her hand in an attempt to walk  her inside.

‘ Efe, please just allow me leave, I’m no longer angry, the one you’re even interceding for is not even showing any sign of remorse,’ she said with a changed mood.

“I was like oohh, which kine wahala be dis one, girls ona too get wahala sef, warris all dis na” i complained,  in my mind though.

‘ he maybe be looking tough oh, but dat guy dey die for inside, nor reason am, abeg let’s go joor before your mood changes like chameleon,’ I said before I playfully dragged her as she laughed and followed me.

We got back inside the club, Akp had lit his ‘ don hills’ and was on a ‘Weed’khalifa mood while the others were dancing.

Azo sat there like someone who lost his life savings, (who say woman nor get power?) .

‘Allow me to call family meeting for your boyfriend outside for a few minutes, he may come back with crutches though, so be prepared to back him home, just incase,’ I whispered in Bee’s ear before I signalled Azo to meet me outside.


To be continued…

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