My Life At DESPO – Episode 67

We were all doing our swimming and gisting on our own jejely, when one of the guys we met in the pool suggested we play water ball game.

We formed 2 teams comprising of boys and girls and the game started. It was all fun though. If you see as some guys just dey tap current anyhow, you wee shake your head.

Half time, we went to buy drinks to spice the game, Bee prepared meat sauce from home and we gathered round it.

I was enjoying the softness of the kpomo when someone brought ‘Red Label’ and my heart skipped at the sight. Memories of the previous night started replaying in my head, na so the meat con lose taste for my mouth o.

Meekest paseed one Black bullet to me, I didn’t bother to take it from him, I just took the nearest bottled water close to me and opened it. (Nor be dem wan kee)

While i sipped my water like it was a fruit juice, one of the babes we met there came beside me and asked if I don’t take alcohol, I muttered a no, cos I don’t have the strength to explain that I just recovered from Shayo’s sickness(hangover) that morning.

‘I like guys that don’t take alcohol or smokes , it shows they are disciplined’ she said as she sat beside me.

‘ hmm, you think so?,’ I replied, giving her the room for conversation she needed.

‘Yea, I know so,’ she replied with a smile and that was when I gave her a proper look, she was average looking, brown skin girl like dat, small dimple on her right cheek with some bad ass curves.

What she lacked in her -‘Chest’erfield, she was well compensated for with her ‘Arse’nal. Her thighs were…..*Lips sealed*. ( Is nor me that wee corrupt you o). Lol

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover, there so many green snakes under the green grass,’ I tried to make her understand that sometimes, the guys that smokes, have pure hearts, while, sometimes, the people she always sees in church are the devil incarnates themselves.

She thought I was an atheist after I said those words but i made her understand I wasn’t, I’m a Christian, and I’m a spiritual kind of person not the religious type.

” I’ll have to admit we share same view in common in that aspect, i dislike over Religious people too,” she said and i smiled.

Hey you,
Smoking and drinking doesn’t make one a bad person just as going to church doesn’t make one a good person. It’s a thing of the mind… (Hope you gerrit).

If you are a smoker ayam not supporting you oh, as far as I don’t condemn the act, too much of everything is BAD. Too much of everything is bad! (Moderation is key)

Just pity the innocent liver and lungs you are condemning… Why not sell it and enjoy the money before you finally die? ( just a suggestion oh) 😁
We talked about other things, I enjoyed her intonation and we engaged in conversation like we’ve known for long, we just clicked like dat.

The babe loves sport too, I gave her listening ear while I challenged some of her points that led to some rounds of argument.
(I’m a big fan of intellectual arguement)

After relaxing and gisting for some time, we took some pics, got to know she was in HND 2, when she asked about my level, told her point blank that I was in ND1 and she smiled. She said she appreciated my honesty and I was like ‘who cares’.

(As for Me, Myself and I, i don’t know how to pretend to be who/what I’m not. I believe say,who go like you, go like you, so why the stress?)

We went back inside the pool after resting for a while and that was when I noticed a familiar face in a group of some friends, we looked at eachother for a while before we looked away.

My brain got to work, trying to place where I had seen that face before and then i recalled where I knew her from. She was my coursemate, the girl that we had misunderstanding about seat during test.

She looked different that particular day. Clothes dey hide some kine people features sha. *coughs*

Second half of the game began and the opposite team were leading my team with 3 goals, Meekest was in my opposition’s team.

The guys in my team wee nor tackle the guys with the ball, they acted like some sex starved idiooots, looking for free ass and free boobzz to press as if that wee cure their konjified selves.

We later equalized and won sha, one of the babes suggested we should reshuffle ourselves, if you see my eyes ehn, e just dey red like who smoke strong Ghana sk abi na Kwale igbo sef. Lol.

Met our departmental president then ‘Ajasco’, a comedian, chilling with one fine babe like dat, and I went to hail him.

‘Boss, na wetin you dey carry our departmental dues money dey do be dis abi, I dun catch you today,’ I whispered in his ear while he laughed out loud as I swam away.

‘Pls, come and teach me how to swim,’ someone whispered in my ears and on turning back, lol and behold, it was that Bee’s friend that was with us at the club the previous night.

‘If you wan die, goan die in peace na, of all the guys here, why is it me that is an upcoming swimmer you chose to teach you how to swim, ehn?

Young girl, do you wanna die young?
Even if you wanna die young, why do you wanna involve me?
Do I look like I want to write statement in police station? Come, warn yoursef o,’ I said in my mind as I stared at her smiling face, with her portable chesterfield hiding behind her almost revealing swim wear.

Something must kill a man, but as for me, it won’t be a woman. Lai-lai.

I Told her, I’m a learner like her o, that she should meet Meekest or Azo to teach her how to swim, for where, the babe no gree o.

She insisted that I must be the one to teach her that she had been watching me swim for some time. (Which kine wahala be dis?)

That line caught me off guard and I gave her that ‘Oshe monitoring spirit’ look as i surrendered and accepted to teach her the little swimming moves I know.

‘Was that your girlfriend?,’ she asked referring to the babe that sat with me earlier.

‘Why?,’ I asked her with a smile on my face.
‘Cos I don’t want anybody to comman break my head o,’ she said, showing me her well aranged dental formation in the process. (Babes o, who gave you guys that line sef?)

I don’t even know what my eyes were roaming about looking for when they found her flat tummy, choi.

I saw ‘2 packs'(abs) in her tummy, belle button was inside, abs well chiseled, dat tin dey burst my bololo-dada.

If i had known what the daughter of eve had in store for me, If I been know….

Theres nothing worse than teaching someone who doesn’t want to learn, you go just dey waste your time and efforts dey go.

‘First things first, how long can you hold your breadth normally?,’ I asked her so that I’ll know where to start from make person pikin for no go drown for my hand.

‘Hmm, I can hold my breadth for 15-20 seconds,’ she muttered facing her palms.

‘Okay, that’s nice for a start, at least you’re better than someone I know that can’t hold her breadth for 10 seconds cos she feels she might collapse, ‘ I said and we laughed.

I told her to take a deep breadth and let it out slowly to see if she could beat her 20 seconds record and she managed to exceed her previous record with 2seconds.

From there, we Squatted and held hands under the water, still on the energy saving tips o. I felt like one professional swim coach, but dis my trainee head nor dey house. Lol

She said we should skip the energy saving part and get to the main phase.

‘ wait fess, seems I’m lost here, who is teaching who here?, ‘I asked her.

The daughter of eve didn’t reply me, she just gave me that mischievous smile. I held hands and instructed her to free herself, and try floating, for where, she couldn’t.

If you wanna learn how to swim, have it at the back of your mind that you must drink some amount of water before you get better at it.

I know how many litres of water wey I drink before I sabi swim small. And don’t forget to take antibiotics to kill the bacteria/germs/chemical contained in the water you drank while swimming.

After the futile attempt to make her float, I let her be. I can’t comman kee myself for anybody i thought as she came close to me.

She pressed her herself onto me so tight and It was as if her nips were attempting to drill a hole in my flat chest.

The way she held me and looked into my eyes like mother confessor in that ‘Legend of the Seeker’ series, I knew it was delibrate act, someone was trying to wake a sleeping monster.

All those while, I was thinking about different bad scenes to distract my young soldier’s attention from getting a standing ovation from her subtle manipulation.  *winks*

I had almost resisted the temptation of the daughter of eve when the Dj played a mad jam and the whole place erupted with shouts as guys and babes danced.

I sighted my broda and one babe, the way the held themselves, they looked inseparable like they were siamese twins. I’m sure the current passed between them could had powered the whole of my state(Delta), nor be joke.

I swam away from my temptation to calm down, before I loose guard, met Azo and Meekest.

‘Oboy, I dey see you and your new catch with corner eyes o, nor be small tin ona dey do o,’ Meekest remarked.

‘Oboy, na you sabi dat one o, com carry, I dash you,’ I replied him and we laughed before.

‘Ehen, Azo, how the match goes yesterday, hope you no fall my hands,’ I said, referring to his debut straff with Bee.

‘Efe my nigga, omo, the babe wan kee me o, I nor even know say she like the matters like dat sef,” he said, grinning sheepishly.

” ehen, how ona con do her friend pass, abi na 3some ona do las las?,” i asked with a smirk.

“No oh, her friend con later follow us go house na, omo, i vex ehn, i con dey regret why i nor even lodge for De’Legit sef,”

“Omo, i dun even lose hope before say nothing go sup before sef, but, as I go baff, na so she com join me, I con remember wetin you tell me, na from there e start oh,”

“oboy, if nor be the black bullet wen you give me for club ehn, the babe for quench me,’ he said and we laughed out loud drawing attention to ourselves in the process and the babes came around.

Bee’s friend came to where I was and rested her head on my shoulder while she held me.

‘I was like since wen dis one start, na lean on me I tell you, nor press me die, no come spoil my raggae with your blues o,’ I thought in my mind, smiling as my eyes caught that babe I met earlier staring with a blank look on her face.

‘How I wan tey discharge dis bae now, nor be bad market be dis one’ I asked myself as my mind searched for clues….


To be continued….

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