My Life At DESPO – Episode 68

wo me i can’t lie, me i don jogodo
ban wa omo to n’idi to robobobo
wo me i can’t lie, me i don jogodo
ma run je laleyi bi kokoro

omo yi ba bend down lo select
nkan thomos ba erect
oloun to be sincere
shey lo wun mi kin invent

wo to ba gbo’mo wa o
we le gbe, we le gbo’mo lo
won fe gbe’na wo oju ekun
we ma s’omo naa
see me in the club
vip omo j’omo lo o
mr mi yagi, young john
fun won lamba gan

That Lil Kesh’s ‘bend down select’ song was what broke all hell lose in the pool. Before I could say ‘jack’, her soft bums were already grinding my v8 engine under the water.

She took me unaware and that made my little soldier got a standing ovation at the spot. She felt the awaken lion and Increased her whinning speed, making me rock hard in the process (see wicked! )

There was no way I could control the raging lion that moment cos it was freed way too sudden for me to tame…

While the babe was doing her wicked, the rest people were busy dancing, unknown to them that the daughter of eve with me was attempting to ass-ass-sinate me.

I tried to move away from her so I could calm the raging lion down but, she no gree o, she held me to ransom with those soft ass of hers. She continued doing me strong thing while I watched.

I felt my sweat under the cold pool (you wee nor understand)
‘You’re bitting more than you can chew, you know, I’m not as gentle as you may think,’ I whispered in her ear, while I tried to move again.

‘ is that a threat? I dare you,’ she replied seductively before I felt her soft palm on my little soldier, that was when I lost it.

That moment, I threw all caution to the wind, i was like ‘fuck it, dis daughter of eve can’t be using me to catch trips, for wetin?

Dis gal cannor jus use me shine for dis place na, she nor reach!’ I thought as I grabbed her hands with mine as she giggled while I led her to a cool spot where people were less and doing their thing.

When we got to the calm area, we held hands and stared at eachother. I don’t know what was on her mind o, but me, I dey reason weda make I execute the plans wen her actions don plant for my mind.

You know that moment you’re in your personal scale weighing your action and it’s possible consequences, that was the mood I was in while we stared at eachother.

‘What’s the problem, are you okay?,’ She asked with with concern, after a while as she held my face.(if only she knew what was going through my mind, lol)

‘I’m good,’ I replied her with a smile before I kissed her forehead and held her close to me.

‘I’m not sure, talk to me,’ she voiced in my ear as she held the head of my machine gun. It was at moment that I threw morals away, I’ll go look for it later after I must had cleared her doubt and make her know that i was equal to the task. (Can’t comman dull na)

I turned her around, so her soft bums could be directly on the head of my machine gun. She hmmmed when she felt it.

‘What is that?,’ she asked in giggling as she brought her hand to feel it.

” comot your hand from ‘high tension’, don’t touch electric inside water, you’ll be electrocuted,’ I warned as I held her hand from touching her target.

Before she could reply, one of my hand located one of her nips and I played with it like it was a screw while my hand was the spanner, twisting mood activated.

‘What are you doing?,’ was the jamb question she asked with her ragged breadth.

I doubled my hands on her chesterfield and squeezed, pinched and twirled her milk factory in response to her question while a moan escaped her mouth.

‘I warned you,’ I whispered in her ear while I had that ‘ you neva see anything’ look on my face.

She squirmed while she was under the anointing of my hands. I’m not ‘TheWeekend’ but,  “I can perform magic with my fingers if I want to. *winks*

While she stifled her uhmms, ssssss ahhhss, fucck! at intervals, I just laughed while I did my ‘handi work’. (shebi na she dey do oversabi since).

While my hands were ministering on her hot spot, meekest swam around and when he saw the settings, he winked at me.

I gave him that ‘bros, is nor what you are thinking ’ look with a smile before he gave me the thumbs up sign and swam back to wherever he came from.

I noticed my brother and his signee were doing their thing, my broda na one kine sharp guy like dat too, I wee nor go further than that, nor be my mouth una go tey hear say diplomatic na *lips sealed* lol.

The other babe that I got acquainted with earlier played with her friends while some guys hung around trying their luck to catch ‘fish’ inside swimming pool. *lol*

All those ‘lemme teach you how to swim crew’ wherever 2 or 3 girls are gathered in a pool, you’ll always find dem there.

I was brought back to reality from staring at the other babe when I felt a soft palm on the cap of my sumtin.  Na once I realize say my hand don pause work for her Chesterfield, (Distraction na bastard o).

I didn’t even give her a chance to equalize by allowing her do what I thought was on her mind.

I yanked her hand off from tickling my ‘little soldier’ and started attack on her b00bz with an Usain Bolt kinda speed taking her unaware in the process as an ‘OMG’ escaped her lips.

I wasted no time in locating her ‘hot spot’ with one hand while one hand was causing trouble rotating shots between the oranges of her chesterfield.

With the wicked combo my hands carried on her, an epileptic patient would had learnt new how to vibrate from her.

I was careful though, before someone’s child die of pleasure.

if the vibration dun dey too much, I go jus pause for her to catch her breath small before I continue my soft werk. (don’t look at me like dat,I know you’re badder than me)  🤗

Still on still, I placed my hand directly on her camel toe, na so she vibrate like earth worm wey dem pour salt. That act made me laugh and she playfully hitted in retaliation.

All those of you that had drank pool water while swimming, I’m sorry to announce to you that you may had drank a combination of ‘different liquids’.

That’s why I always advice you take antibiotics after a swimming session (e get why).

At a time, my ‘rod of moses’ was rock hard, I say dat moment my ‘dicksin’ hard like poor man life.

All those while, I was rubbing her ‘honey well’ with her swimming wear on, before I shifted the material to one side.

I inserted a finger inside her center of gravity while I delibrately snubbed her swelled clits that begged for a touch in the process.

I added my middle finger inside her hot spot while I decided to set the fire on her raining ‘kitty’ by exhaling hot air on her neck bone.

At that point she couldn’t take it any more, na so she rest her neck on top my shoulder, omo, when I look her face, na only the white part of her eyes I see. I knew somborry was outta the world, that moment.

‘do you have a boyfriend?’ I asked teasingly.

‘no, I don’t have have,’ she replied while she held me closer, trying to confuse me with Chesterfield, I just smiled, guess she didn’t know who she was dealing with, those fmt no dey work for yours truly.

This was same babe that her supposed bf came to carry with a car on our way home after clubbing from De’legit hotel the previous night oh.

Shey you see why I want any guy that carries babe matter for head to be tied and flogged publicly? Yesss, na me talk am!

Dat nigga go fit dun dey boast say him trust him bae diee, meanwhile, huncle nor even bae dictionary sef, he be just passerby for the film.  😁

Hey you, yess you reading this,
Work smart, Play harder, have fun and settle down when you’re really ready to, and not when you feel under pressure to get married.

Reason some married folks stil cheat around is because they felt society would laugh at them if they don’t get married at a certain stage.

I know say menopause nor get joy o, but, your happiness and peace of mind should be your top priority.

LIFE is in phases, enjoy and learn from each phases so your won’t live a life full of regret.

For those of you forming monitoring spirit cos you’re in a relationship that doesn’t even have a destination, wehdone o! 🤗

What do I know sef…..  *lol*


To be continued….

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