My Life At DESPO – Episode 69

‘I love you’, ‘I’m so horńy right now, pls make….,’ she was saying when I hushed her. ‘

‘Oshey miss lover, Is you dat love pass, dats how you wee be confusing having a good banging session with love,’ I thought in my mind while I allowed her catch her breath.

‘Baby, I’ll be waiting for you at the changing room, I’ve got something to show you, you’ll love it,’ she whispered as she rocked me and placed my hands on her gallant chesterfield before she left the pool.

See person wey I dey pity for oh, be using format for me fess. I like her though cos she is the bold type that knows what they want and go for it. n

She wasn’t like some babes dat will be tripping for you and still be waiting for you to approach dem, I rest my case. (Baes Shoot ur shot o, no time)

I was staring at her ‘Arsenal’ as she delibrately made those tins shake and other guys joined in the watch, see ehn, the babe got a bright future behind her, I guess she knew so too.

‘ your goat dun born cow o,’ one guy hailed me. ‘Bros, nor be wetin you dey think o,’ I replied with a smile while I swam to meet up with Meekest and the rest.

‘Nor be small tin you dey do o,’ that was my broda’s remark immediately I got to where they sat in the pool relaxing.

‘Where your babe dey go na?,’ Meekest asked while Azo gave me that ‘oya talk fast b4 you chop slap’ look and I laughed.

‘I dun get babe just now, ona can dey quick give person babe o…..’ I was trying to say when Azo interrupted me, askin me to reply the question Meekest asked me.

Mind you, a konjified babe was actually waiting for me to comman finish the work we started in the changing room.

I know some guys would had rushed at the chance to straff a bae with such goods, but me, I’m nor that cheap. If you like be fine like 2 people, have 3 b00bz and 4 Arsenals, I have standard and process of doing things.. (the boy get class)


Dear guys,
I know that sometimes, you may have only a chance to straff a  bae once in a lifetime, and if you miss that one-time-opportunity, you may never get a chance to straff that particular bae again, but all join, you win some, you lose some,

No go loose your self worth cos of some few minutes of pleasure, it’s not worth it, believe me.

Be careful of any babe you choose do the do with, e get why.

B4 the you straff, ask yourself question like; what if she gets pregnant in the process, can you marry her if the worst comes to worse?  Does she posses the quality you desire in a life partner, should tins go south….

If your answer is no, kukuma lock up cos, nothing came out, don’t bang her.  Many people are enduring their marriage instead of enjoying it cos, they ended up marrying the wrong girl they got impregnated.

NB: I’m not in any way supporting promiscuity, before you go say na me say, I nor dey for ‘ dem shoot bird, mama fly’.

‘bros, clam down na, wetin be your stress sef, abi you don give the babe line before she no gree?’ I asked while I dodged his playful blow.

‘ Efe nor loose guard dat babe o, from wetin I dey see, she like you and her mind don full am,’ my broda advised while we were sitted alone in the less crowded pool section.’

I listened halfheartedly but paid full attention on the other babe and her friends.

She somehow got my attention and I felt I was temporarily attracted to her assets and cute smile.

I was ’lust in love’, don’t look at me like dat. (somebody please what is the definition of lust again?) Lol

I decided to meet her up there but, I stayed back while I weighed how she might react.

The presence of her friends and the awkward position she must had seen me with Bee’s friend the few times she stole some look gave me concern.


The best moment to approach a babe is when she is alone cos, if she’s in company of her friends, one or two ‘bad belle’ among them might just pass bad energy that will make her give you wrong vibe, even if she is interested too. 😉

Sometimes, the risk is worth taking, mostly if you won’t get to see her again, she might be your missing rib, who knows, love could be found in strange places. (SENSE101) 😉

‘as you don get wife so, no worry, I go stil see my own’ that was meekest in his attack mood(I nor know wetin I do d boy sef o) 😄

While we talked, Bee came around and asked about the where about of her friend.

‘am I your friend’s keeper,’ I asked in my mind while I pointed towards the changing room.

She climbed up and went to meet her up, to gossip I guess. Some baes got gossip in their DNA by default. 🤭

When Bee left, I zeroed my mind and swam to meet the other bae. ‘ hello cuties, lemme borrow your friend for some time, I promise to return her in one piece, ’ I said while I held her hand and moved her away from her squad.

She hesitated a bit (initial gra-gra) before she followed me.

I was speechless like MJ at first. You know that awkward moment you are caught stealing meat, and you don’t if you should start explaining what led you to the pot in the first place or eat the meat and face the consequences cos after all, ‘all die na die’ and beating must involve whether you eat the meat or not.. 😁

She kept quiet, while she stared at me, waiting for me to say something. Her silence was sending chills down my spine.

I decided to freestyle cos overthinking has never been a solution. I complimented her playful nature and how she’d successfully stolen my attention with the innocent glances she stole and she grinned.

While she smiled, I told her I would be coming for her on Monday, and asked where and when will I meet her.

‘I’ll be in the lab anytime from 3pm,’ she replied before she suggested I come after her practical session. I told her to expect me before I took her back to her friends. (Mission Accomplished)

I went back to meet the baes and my guys taking pics and I joined oh. Bee’s friend found her way to my side and we took pics.

I kept my phone, for where? Babe no gree o, she insisted on using mine to snap.

After every-every, I told her to bring her phone so I could transfer her pics for her but, lai-lai, she no gree oh.

The babe said her phone’s battery wa dead that I should send them to her via Whatsapp,’

I was staring at her when she collected my phone, added her number and sent the pics herself. (see format, the bae sharp) .

That’s her subtle way of collecting my number, but I just lock- up like say I nor code wetin she do.

She could had just sang Simi’s ‘Joromi’ for me and I would had gladly given her  my number without having second thought. 😁

Shout out to Simi, Teni and all the bold girls out there, you baes rock! 😄

Bee, her friend and my brother’s bae left ahead of us to prepare food for the boys.

I didn’t bother to collect the other babe’s number cos we already fixed a…. should we call it a date??  🤗

We stayed and swam for a little while before we went home.

The aroma of ‘Ogbolor’ soup welcomed us as Meekest and i entered Bee’s room.

‘Where is my baby?,’ Bee asked after some time. ‘he is in the station,’ I replied with a sad countenance, as the plate she held fell from her hands.

Bee went out to check if Azo was lurking around outside and she came back some minutes later with a sad expression.

‘ how did it happened, what led to his involvement with the SARS? My boyfriend is not a yahoo-boy nau,’ she stated, looking at Meekest and I for an explanation.

‘We got past Teaching Hospital, those SARS guys stopped the vehicle we boarded and asked us to come down before we were searched,’

‘They found different credit alerts on his phone and several ATM cards bearing his name inside his wallet. He was asked to follow them to the station for some questioning, that’s it,’ I managed to explained.

‘has he called anybody to report the situation of things yet?’

‘Not really’


‘what are your plans, cos I won’t just be here and allow my baby to be intimidated, infact lemme call my uncle,’ Bee said as she picked her phone from the bed.

‘abeg go serve food com make we eat joor, don’t worry your boyfriend will be fine’ Meekest remarked while I smiled, holding myself from laughing out loud.

Azo walked in at that moment and we all laughed. Bee nor gree o, she change am for us. She was angry that the prank was too expensive. Later calmed her down before we all ate and relaxed.

‘ oya make ona go ready make we enta one side go chill na,’ Azo remarked and the event of the previous night flashed through my brain..

To me and my guys, the word 1-side means a bar or a hotel or anywhere. But in this context, it meant a bar.

It would be a deliberate foolishness on my side to go with them for another drinking session after I recovering from the previous night’s hangover.

‘I nor dey game o, make ona dey go, e get one matter wen i wan go tidy for house,’ I said, in excuse.

Meekest and Azo gave eachother a knowing look before they burst out laughing. Bee and her friend had that puzzled look on their face.

I just gave dem that ‘wetin you nor know, big pass you’ look before I stood up to leave.

‘hmmm,’ that was what Bee’s friend could do before she came to my side. ‘ do you really want to leave or you are joking?’ she asked. (me wey serious pass who hungry dey beat).


She didn’t say anything, she just held my hand before Bee came to drag her for them to get ready or their movement which I jejely declined to partake in.

The babes got set and we all went outside before i took a bike home.


To be continued….

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