My Life At DESPO – Episode 70

When the bike stopped at my lodge’s gate, i heard voices of people shouting inside. ‘ which people don dey disturb the peace of the lodge again na,’ i asked no one in particular as i entered inside.

‘you go run race o, you know who i be?‘ , if you know how i personally hate the bolded question ehn, then you could picture the look on my face that moment i heard that.

‘all these small boys sef, if dem jus join confra new, dem nor go dey allow people hear word again.

Ogbeni wee you keep kwayet there, who you be sef, na you first join cult abi?,’ i asked, in my mind as i brought my key out of my pocket. 

‘you dey ask who i be? you dey maddd, smallie like you dey ask who i be abi? if dem don flog you dis night for your fvck up ehn, dat means i be mugu,’ Biggie shouted as some guys held him from punching Julius.

‘ You dey mad, bigggie, i say you go run from dis skul if i mean you, fat fool,’ Julius retorted.

‘ona go pack from dis lodge! Una dey craze for head, nor be dis lodge ona go tey show ona self dey disturb everybody, infact make i first call community first’ caretaker shouted as he brought his phone from his pocket.

‘keto, calm down, e neva reach like dat,’ Julius said calmly while Biggie’s men held him to his room.

They calmed down cos in DESPO, ‘the fear of community is the beginning of behave matured’

The niggas were settled by some neighbors and some of their friends.

‘Luck wey you get be say, you be my cousin, if not ehn, for that talk wey you talk dat time so ehn, dem suppose carry you go backyard go give you better machete drilling for talking stupid,’ biggie remarked while he walked towards his apartment.

‘nawa for ona o, so ona even relate sef nai ona wan turn dis lodge upside before abi, haaa..’ Sonia commented.

You nor know say brothers nor dey dey for confra matter, dem go say ‘brother deliver brother’ but, na the scam be dat o.

That’s why a cultist can kill his own blood brother if he is being commanded by his leader to do so, by his frat.

They believe their cult is the main family. That’s where the ‘one for all, all for one’ mantra comes to play. (what do I know sef?) 🤗

‘ as e don be like dis so ehn, e be like say nobody friends go com dey visit dem for dis lodge again o, cos na since wen different boys tey dey come this lodge nai all dis one tey dey happen so o,’

‘If day break, I go call landlady make she give me permission to enforce this law,’ that was the speech of our caretaker, happy aka Keto.

‘what do you mean by that, what concerns my friends with the rules of this lodge, if others are misbehaving, must the consequences rub off on us,’

‘Don’t even try that thing you just said o, if you want to restrict visitors from coming into this lodge, you know the people to direct it to, not everyone,’a neigbour, Joy said in annoyance.

‘ dat one concern you o, I don tell ona my own finish, make who vex, vex for im pocket. Nor be ona first get friends for this school o,’ Keto replied with that I don’t care attitude.

‘its not your fault, I blame myself for coming to rent an apartment here,’ Joy fired back, the babe nor get chill.

While they engaged in their trade of words, I kukuma went inside my room, located the shower and had a quick bath.

When I came outside, I felt like a new me, never underestimate the power of a cool bath, e dey gimme me one kine fresh vibe. Lol.

I played music from my phone before I collected a note to revise. Do you know listening to music while reading in the evening after a cold bath makes you assimilate faster?

(its not a fact o, na my personal practice. Ework for me, nor mean say e go work for Uche(you) o lol.

While I was reading my phone rang. Upon checking the caller it was Bee’s friend.

I contemplated on taking the call or not for the first 5sec the phone rang. In case you are wondering while I contemplated taking the call, it was cos I could get distracted and lose the reading vibe I was at that moment (shey you get?)

I wasn’t a book worm and I don’t plan to be one, I prefer ‘street smart’ to ‘book smart’ anytime any day( don’t look at me like that, na my personal choice).

Kudos to all the book worms reading this, ona dey try! I’m not an everyday reader.

I’m among the set of people that read a day or few days to exams and tests or when the reading mood gets activated on its own.

I believe life is all about balance. In school settings, it is play time(social life) and work time(study time).

As a student, as you dey ball(flex) with your small change, still dey jack(read) like you dey prepare to write carryover course o (thats the balance we are talking about, homie).

After several ‘hello, hello… can you hear me?’ due to bad network, I just sent her a text. ‘hello, can I call you be back please, I’m kinda busy right now, thanks.

I received a message delivery report before I dropped the phone and continued my reading. few minutes later my phone beeped as a text came in.

‘ Wish you were here.’ was the content of the text. Omo, distraction dey come in different form, and a text message could be one of the forms.

As i read the text, the face of Rae, one of my special friend flashedthrough my mind and it had been a while we communicated.

Na so i tey dial her number o, she picked up at the 5th ring.

‘ hmmmm, this one you remembered me today, i wee do thanksgiving in church on sunday o,’ she said as she picked up.

‘ common gerrahere, is dat how you greet your boo these days?,’ i asked, smiling.

‘ boo indeed! lemme nor talk sef,’ came her reply as she giggled.

‘as those Abraka boys dun dey toast you anyhow so,you na decided to abandon cos i haven’t bought benz shey?,’ i said and we laughed.

She told me how guys and lecturers alike were disturbing her for relationship and those stuff while i laughed.

She got angry that i was laughing at a serious matter.

‘Wait first, what am i suppose to do, should i come and be chasing all your toasters away ni….. shebi if guys don’t come after you , you’ll be thinking something is wrong somewhere? come, baby warn yourself o, bekiaful’ i said.

I told her to carry the cross of being a fine and sexy girl at thesame time, na her punishment for being cute be dat. 😁

We talked about life, studies and other things before network provider got jealous and ended the call.

As the call ended, the reading vibe ended with it. I told myself i’ll wake up early in the morning to continue my reading as planned.


To be continued…..

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  1. Please more updates… We are following you closer from nairaland. Please try and create awareness on nairaland. Me be ex DESPO …. Diplomatic Gifto na my classmate Rep Mech Eng

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