My Life At DESPO – Episode 71

The next day saw me in class as early as 8am as the lecturer that to we had for the morning was the one that doesn’t joke with attendance. Did i forget to mention that he doesn’t allow entry or exit after he steps in.

As he was lecturing, the class was silent. He finished his explanation before he started to dictate.

He started dictating at a slow pace before he increased the pace.. It was at that point that the shouts of “come again, sir” “Pls reapeat” “ehnnn” filled the air. He repeated sometimes while he asked those that didn’t hear his last statement to copy from their friends..

He continued dictating and we all heard “ooh, abeg slow down”… ghen ghen. At that moment, the hall froze. The hall was mortuary standard silent. That moment if pin fall, we for hear the sound..

” who said that?,” Mr lecturer asked, infuriated.(e dun red!) Nobody moved nor said a word and that made become angrier. Immediately he closed the note he was dictating from, i knew we were done for.

“You guys are playing with me right? For the last time I’ll ask who made that statement?” He asked and watched if anyone would be unfortunate or bold enough to claim responsibility…

After waiting for a minute without getting a positive result, he came down from the pulpit.. ” the voice came from this role,” he said as he stood in front of the 4th roll and some people sighed of relieve while others made sign of relief.

See ehn, it’s good to respect every lecturers. There are some you shouldn’t be in their bad records cos those ones, hmmm.. Those ones are the very ones your village pipo would pay to fvck you up should you fall their victim. This very lecturer was one of such.

All eyes were on the fourth roll, waiting for their fate. I’m sure many people would had regretted entering that roll at the moment.. While some people in that roll looked confused n puzzled, others were subtly begging whoever made the statement to own up. (Who wan fail 6units course?)

The lecturer was visibly angry. ” since none of you want to bring the offender out, you’ll have to face the punishment together.” The tension in the tat roll increased as everyone of them were on there toes..

While everyone was anticipating the nature of punishment for those in role 4, my phone vibrated. upon checking… ” i’m around your dept, can i see you?,” was the content of the text, and it was from Bee’s friend. Her text reminded me that i had an “unofficial appointment” with the other bae i met at the pool, the previous day.

” can’t come out atm… C u lerra,” I texted back before i kept my phone back in my pocket. ( e get why). The lecturer asked our class rep to give the attendance sheet for that role and tore it to pieces (para mood).

Lecture ended, class was razz… Some cussed and sweared for whoever made them miss the attendance for that course.. las las all those ones na noise.

**30mins later **
I was close to SLT department when my phone beeped. ” omo, e dun burst oh, Jessica dey with me for office and Helen dey road dey come already.. Call my phone now make you…..” was the content of the text i received from my roommate.

You know that moment when someone’s raggae is about to spoil your blues.. I was like “which kine wahala be dis.. Why now? Abi its a sign to abort the mission with the new girl?” My mind ran in circles of options that moment.

” There’s no second time to make a first impression” i reasoned, almost leaving my brother to carry his cross alone.

I don’t want to start whatever with the new babe on a bad note of not keeping to our suppose meeting…

But then, i reasoned the emotional damages that could happen should i leave a brother to his fate and the 2 baes meet.. (i just weak)

“A brother in need is a brother indeed” what if i was in his shoes, would he had turned me down? Hell Naw! He got my back like dat.. On that note, i dialled his number..

” bros, abeg come school gate fess, matters arising!,” I said, immediately he answered the call.

” wetin happen,”

” i nor fit clear you for phone oh, abeg try fast small before situation critical”

” Wetin dey xup na?”

” the thing be say, i………. abeg….. ” i said before i hung up, delibrately. All those while we spoke, his phone was on loudspeaker. (You get the code abi) *winks*

After the call, i changed direction towards the office they were, so that,should things not go as plan, i could savage whatever situation.

While i was going there, i saw the babe i was suppose to meet in company of her friends walking in the opposite direction..

Babe was even finer than she was at the pool, the previous day or was it….. no it couldn’t be lust, i know wetin i see, the babe bam.. **winks**

I crossed to her direction, and was approaching her when someone tapped me from behind, behold it was Helen… Same babe that was supposed to meet my brother that was with another of his….. *coughs**


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