My Life At DESPO – Episode 74

We got to the meekest friends lodge, lets call her Meg. When the bikeman left, Meekest said we should walk inside and ask for Meg.

” which kine mumu talk be dat one na, you just let her whole neeighbors know say boy com block her abi… nor be me and you go waka dat anyhow waka oh.

“i go kukuma wait for you here outside till you do finish, iiDddiiaaat!,” i stressed the last part as i fired back at him in reply.

” yen yen yen….. you dun rap finish? kolo!,” he said before he dialled her number.

” dis your push-and-start sense wey you get so, na very bad tin oh, so you know say you suppose call her before nai you say make we go dey ask around abi. warn yourself oh!,” i replied and we both laughed before he started talking over the phone.

” she dey come,” he said as the call ended and i gave him that ‘ you don’t have sense’ gesture before i walked away from him. I stood somewhere i could see have a clear view of those that went in and out of the lodge.

Observation matters a lot oh. I nor wan hear say ” dem shoot bird, mama fly” Area go just vex for me be dat.. **winks**

As i dey observe, i saw 2 baes and and one guy came outside. One of the babes led the trio the other 2 followed.

The she looked around, and was pressing her phone, i knew she was the one.

Meekest and the particular babe that led the trio had a bear hug(those Deeper life members type), before he shook hands with the remaining 2…

To think i was adamant to accompany him cos i thought my presence would obstruct their flow, only to meet her with extra 2 people plus me making it 5, made me smile. Dis one no be crowd, na multitude oh… ( inside life!)

“LIKE RAKE FOR GARDEN, I JUST WAN GATHER GREEN” (if you code, comment wetin e mean).

I met them up, introduced myself as Meekest bodyguard and personal assistant.

The other babe smiled but the guy do im face like bad weather, his business though… The matter be say, we dun come, we dun come..

We got inside, she offered us a seat. “better pikin, thank you joor,” i said as i sat in the only chair in the room and asked meekest to go sit with his host cos….. i was the guest there. Even it was our first time there, i was the major guest.. (shey you get) ** winks**

They got talking while i pressed my phone, and gauged the vibe in the room. My focus was on the other babe and the other guy.

I was watching them,out for any clue that would pass them off as lovers but, i nor see any sign and i decided to join the party..

” Meekest, dis your babe fine oh, na only she her mama born?,” i asked.

” na she dey there so, why you dey ask me na…..,” he replied.

” who said I’m his babe?,” she asked, with a smile on her face. The other guy left the room that moment.

Meg was in Meeskest’s department and they met at their HOD’s office when they went to submit a file.. one thing led to something and they got talking before they exchanged contacts.

” ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ see as Meg roommate fine like oyibo winch, if i date her now ehn.. I dun make am for life already be dat oh bt….” i said and they were laughing when the other guy came back.

” but what?,” the asked in unison.

” Meg dun see Meekest na, she’s forgotten courtesy demands that she’s supposed to do proper introduction,” i said, with a neutral expression,”

” I nor go vex sha, na love cause am, anyway, my name is Efe, what’s your name?”

” My name is Juliet,” she said, smiling…

“i talk am!,” i said, smiling, almost screaming and they looked at me as if my village people haff gotten me..

” wetin you talk?,” Meekest asked.

” i dun see my Juliet wey i dey find all these years na, thank God say i follow you come oh, bros,” i replied.

” But, your name is Efe nau,” Meg remarked.
” You wee nor understand, my botanical name is Romeo,” i replied, and they all laughed at loud except that other guy.

We were enjoying the moment when i got a call from my mum. She informed me that my cousin was sick and she wasn’t able to reach me. And i should try and check up on her.

Omo, i wished my number didn’t go through that moment !

FAMILY IS FAMILY! I didn’t think it twice before i announced my departure and notified them of a next visit.. (make their mind for dey).

“Hey, Juliet, oya comman give your Romeo one spanish hug for the road nau,” i said as she stood up and came for a hug.

If you see the way the other guy tey look me ehn, e just be like say i chop him night food.. ** lol**


To be continued.

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