My Life At DESPO – Episode 75

The next day saw me in class taking notes while a female lecturer explained from her textbook.

As a student, I realized that most lecturers set questions from topics that they stressed on in class. They may not actually give Area Of Concentration (AOC), but, they don’t fail to give hints- that’s why its not good to miss lectures.. (Wisdom101)

I felt a tap on my shoulder, and when I looked back,  “ good morning, bro, please let me see your note,”  a  guy said.

He looked calm on his afro plus his face wasn’t familiar.. I may not know the names of all my course mates but, I know most of their faces, the regular ones though.

I signaled him to wait while I completed the sentence I was writing. Na the reason why I like to dey sit down on my own be dat o, no disturbance..

After the lecturer left, I gave the guy my note and he flipped through some pages.


See ehn, there are 2 types of lecturers;

  1. The ones that gives bulky notes (Old skul)
  2. The ones that likes explanation (New school)


The old school type would make long notes, explain every point in depth. It’s when you are reading such notes that you’d come about who invented the full stop (.) and what led to it.

Omo, these set of lecturers would make you copy notes till your hand go numb. If you don’t have sense, you would be tempted to hate such lecturers cos their period is always boring.

Most times, they do this cos that’s how they were taught back then. Dem go dey make person dey write note for higher institution like say biology note for secondary school.. ** runs out**

The long notes is their bad side.. These types are mostly intelligent. If you ask them questions, they’d take their  time to explain and give examples that would make you clear any confusion you pertaining to the question you asked.


SENSE101: Never hate a lecturer! Cos if you do, that’s first class ticket to hating the course he/she takes, and if you hate the course, there’s no way you’d understand it…  How would you write an exam for a course you don’t understand?  Na big fail and Carry Overs you go get o.

If you carry bomb (expo) enta exam hall, you fit still no blow(pass) o.. There are some levels to these things.     If na lecturer wey nor dey collect offering….. (ayele oh, ibosi oo for you be dat o)

The summary of the plenty talk be say, nor hate lecturer n him course.



The new school type of lecturer would make you enjoy class.. This type makes class fun. They treat the main topics, without going off key. Dictating long notes is not their thing.

Some half-baked new school lecturers dey sha…  Na those type you go ask question, and cos dem nor know am, dem go give the whole class as assignment.

“ what do you use your smart phones for?  To Facebook, Whatsapp and watch videos?,” this is 21st century, make research with your smart phones.. Na their anthem be dat.


The way he complained made me ask if he hasn’t been coming to class all these while.. “ today is my first day of resumption, bro, I has admission issues,” he said, wearing a sad countenance.

Yea, we don’t always get what we want in life, things go wrong, and come out opposite of what we’ve planned, most times.

Problem lies in the fact that, some people always want to have it all rosy, and when life happens, and things go sour, they tend to get depressed or at worse, commit suicide.

Matter be say “you for try live life for the moment ” , so dat too much expectation nor go fuck you up o.

I told him to calm down, gave him my notes a my timetable. That was how J and I became friends. He did keep seats for me sometimes and give me updates. The boy later made friends with some group of babes along the line, he was solid G.

I brought my phone out and was surfing when some of our course mates mounted the podium. I just dey observe make I know wetin wan sup when I receive one message.

“ I’m in your faculty, are you free?,” was the content of the text. It was a strange number. I was trying to figure out who the sender could be when… “ GREAT NIGERIAN STUDENT! (class echoes Great!) GREAT GBA-GBA (gba-gba)! GREAT GBIM-GBIM! (gbim-gbim) GREAT GBO-GBO!.

“We want to organize our departmental dinner night, and we want each and everyone to participate becau……” A slim, dark skinned girl was saying with her forced accent before someone shouted  “ how much?,” from behind.

“ we are coming to that, like I was saying,  we want every one to…..,” she continued. “go straight to the point, how much last joor?,” The unknown voice shouted again and the class erupted with laughter.

The speaker for the group was getting pissed but, she tried to control herself. Cos she know say if she use gra-gra do am,  nothing go came out..

“NA WHO DEY FIND SOMETHING, IM HAND DEY LONG” Na so our forefathers talk am. While the group of students on the podium were trying to know who the unknown interrupter was, one of their fellow comrades spoilt their chance.

“ that fool should keep fooling himself oh. If you don’t have sense at this age, you can never have sense again in your life!,” a fat boy, among them said.

“ na your papa nor go get sense again, iddiioootttt! wey you, fly comot from dat place now before ogun go kee you now,” a tall, lanky boy said from behind and we all watched at the drama that was about to occur.

“ so you are the senseless fool that refused to have sense right, you reek off stupidity! Extraordinarily useless!,” the comrade at the front fired at the identified intruder..

“ na only one person get all those insults? Chineke!,” a voice shouted amidst the laughter and, it seemed to increase the intensity of the laughter.

“fatty 1- lekpa 0,” another voice added.

“ you wen fat leave sense dey open dat your pig mouth dey talk to me abi. Nor be your fault, na poly cause am,” the lanky boy said in defense.

“ You bony structure, if you don’t respect your old age, I’ll break you into 2 pieces, just try me” Fatty fired back at him.

His fellow comrades were trying to calm him down when his opponent threw a sachet water at him. Splassssssh. His shirt got wet.

“Lekpa 2 –Fatty 1,” another shouted,..


All those while, I dun forget say person text me oh. Even gimme 3 missed calls join sef. I just dey enjoy the free show wey my fellow students dey perform.

Meekest and Dafe came to my department and they enjoyed a bit of the show before it ended. Things escalated and got physical before some security personnel came to whisk them away.

“ Efe, why you nor dey pick your babe call na, we dey 2geda since o,” Meekest said as we stepped outside.

“ guy, which babe be dat again na,” I asked, confusedly.

“ I talk am, Blacky you too dey lie, time wen I for tey scope the babe, you say na Efe babe.. How e con be now?” Dafe fired at Meekest while Meekest folded his arms and looked at me, shaking his head.

“ nor dey look me like dat, who you dey talk about?,”

“check your phone, who give you missed calls?” Meekest replied, refreshing my memory.

“ oh, na dem Bee you dey talk about before so..”

“ As you get the babes dem many so, bros, make dem gimme one na, only dis one,abeg” Dafe said, teasingly.

“ no be only one, I go give you all of dem.. Yeye somborry,” I replied.

We were walking towards the canteen when Peace n Tiko approached us. They lived in the lodge next to Meekest’s.

“ ona dun come all the way from faculty of Engineering com worry Business faculty babes abi and lecturer dey ona class o,” Dafe said after exchange of pleasantries.

“  if we no worry them, wetin we gain, only ona no go fit chop dem finish an, we say make we come help ona small” Tiko replied and we laughed.

“ Dafe, since you dun fashi Okuna so, pass the control make I continue from where you stop na.. The babe con dey set for my eyes everyday o,” Peace said and we all kept quiet, waiting for Dafe’s reply.


To be continued….

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