My Life At DESPO – Episode 76

Dafe and Okuna’s history..

According to Dafe.

“It was during Post/UME period, I come process my form that day. After I finish, the bus when I enta dey go back to Warri, na me be last person wen complete am.

As we dey go, one babe con answer call near me. Na her accent nai first blow my mind. The babe was flowing Queen’s English mehn!

When she dey call money ehn, instead of her to say 1thousand naira, she go say “ a thousand naira”

Omo, as the babe dey make the call dey go I con start to dey observe her well. She fresh like today bread. Her chest package gallant. Na once I start to dey plan how I go take make her my babe o.

I say if I make dis girl my girlfriend, my life dun set be dat. Na once I thank God say I choose DESPO for my Hnd o. Maybe na my future wife be dis sef. As she dey make the call dey go, her phonetics just dey make me feel alright.

As she make the call finish, I nor waste time oh, I start conversation sharply. When she observe me, I balance for appearance.

“ It seems you came to process your form too, what department?,” I asked her with my smooth English too. I nor fit dull myself na. Omo na once she reply me o, con even smile join sef.

When she smile ehn, awish she fair before, I for think say she be ogbanje cos she too fine. From talk to talk, I ask her where she dey stay, she say na Warri too o. Na once my joy battery full.

I reach my bus stop, I nor gree come down o, cos the mission neva complete. I collect her control and dial am to confirm before I save am. She say her name an Okuna.

After I collect the babe number finish, over-happiness make me forget my change for driver sef but, I nor reason am. As far as I achieve dis ajebo babe control, I dey alright.

Na so I start to dey put am for her body, she dey reply well, her mind dey, The Lord is good!  Body sweet me. Na once I con dey give my previous chicks attitude cos I wan dey faithful to dis angel wen dey occupy my heart.

Along the line, she con tell me say she dun rent house and pay her school fees. She ask when I go resume. I jus tell her say I still dey gather body together first before I come school… unto say my house rent neva complete.

“you can come and stay with me for the while before you get accommodation,” she reply me that evening. See ehn, happiness wan finish me but, I con ask her again to dey sure. She repeat the same thing.

As a guy man, I tell her say I nor wan inconvenience her, and thank her. For where, she no gree o. “ Am I complaining, do come and be my company joor” she reply with her voice wey sweet like sugar.

Omo, na so I arrange foodstuffs and carry one bag go school first the following week o. Before I reach her side, she dun tidy egusi soup wen she wan meat suffocate. So dis babe sabi cook join her freshness and intelligence.. I die here!

The first 3 days go well o, na from the fourth day she con dey perform some kine activities. I nor rush her unto romance things o even when she dey gimme green light sef.

Na one evening when she dey make one kine long call, she con pass phone gimme say make I talk to her boyfriend, na there I tey weak.

I first dey get hope say all those ones na format until she tell me say the guy dun engage her. After that day na once the babe con dey show her real character o. Get one day wen she lock me for house go skul sef.

If me and her dey eat ehn, she no get chills o. She dey follow me dey drag eba sef. I see am say na me con dey buy foodstuffs for house, na once I go house go gather myself o,”


To be continued..

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