My Life At DESPO – Episode 77

My people, I hail oh!
How una matter be nah, hope you guys are doing great… (Yes, I guess)

E dun tey oh… Plenty things dun happen dis 2020.
I nor go talk much.

If you are reading this and your life seems like its fucked up already… Just wanna tell you to keep your head up.
Yeah, life comes with challenges, and you could be facing yours at the moment. Just cheer up cos your BIG BREAK is around the corner, trust me.

Life nor go sweet if rough times no dey… Remember, the gold you admire today once passed through fire.

All of us get battles we dey fight oh, who give up na im lose oh.

Las las… We Go Dey ALRIGHT! BELIEVE!

Make ona enjoy this on for the road… 😉


“ who be dis ice fish na…” Dafe replied laughing before he continued, “ my guy, Okuna nor be my babe oh, you fit carry on sha, nothing do you but… she go first perform oh, but, no slack sha.”

He made us understand that Okuna was using that “fiance” line as defense against all advances he made. And respecting her decision, he decided to let things slide.

“Dat girl dey perform like winch atimes sha. Imagine, na wen I con start to dey gist my babe, Okuna con start to dey use body gum me- but by then my interest for her dun die.

And my babe dey gimme all wetin I need… so, I nor just reason all the green light Okuna dey give me, shey you get”

We all listened keenly and smiled before Peace asked for tips to get her, “ as you dun dey with so, which kine things she dey like?,” he asked.

Dafe was about to say something when I interrupted, “ Peace which one be all dis plenty Jamb questions again na, shebi dem dun give you permission to execute?”

Well, the thing is Peace could’ve gone to toast Okuna without permission and heaven won’t fall down o. Not like he would’ve backed out if Dafe refused though… The fact that we are most times together at home, playing games, gisting and balling- it would’ve been awkward if we found out ourselves…

Yes, although Dafe wouldn’t have done anything to him but… that’s how you lose bond with your homies. Well, except if they never mattered to you in the first place.

Imagine losing ties with your homies cos of a babe… (O wrong nau)

“Guy, calm down na. I know why I dey ask all these questions, e go make me plan my strategy well,” he replied.

“ chief strategist of women affairs, if na like dis you dey ask your lecturers questions for class, shebi DT for dey cry for all your results… wayward son of a good father,” I teased and we all laughed while we approached the canteen.

“Omo, this one wen Okuna know say we be guys so, you sure say she go gree put head?” Peace asked, giving me that “ abeg calm down” gesture.

“ Make ona see me o, I neva try for this boy finish? Wetin be all dis one na?” Daf complained jokingly, raising his hands up.

“Abeg make ona help the boy, he just dey disturb me for house and department since,” Tiko said after laughing all these while.

“ wait fess, which plan you even get for the babe sef, you wan serious her abi na just knacking ?” I asked Peace. Cos at a point his questions con dey tire me sef.

“ very good question!” Meekest commented.

“Yess oh, na your reply go determine the kine advice we go offer you o”

“ okay, the thing be say I really like her sha. If she be my babe, e nor go bad before o, abi how ona see am?,” he replied seeking our opinion in return.

Lemme derail a bit…

The truth is, as guys, we are moved by what we see. The sight of a beautiful girl’s ass and jugs will make our little soldier stand at attention, craving some lil sum-sum in the moment. ( not all guys sha)

..that moment sef, a guy won’t mind telling you he’ll marry you jus so he could get a piece of the coochie and from there…

While for women, they get aroused by… ( dm me, I wee tell you their secret) lol.

The thing is, words are to women what boobs n bums are to men… ( wor understandi )

Dafe made us understand that his little time with Okuna made him understand she was a material girl.

Those type ehn, if you like be a faithful nigga to them… once anoda who can lavish on them comes around, dem go sideline you! Even if you’ve sold your future to help her out or raise her up in the past, she won’t give a fvck.

Her world would revolve around the current Pablo in her life at the moment… Na those type go ask you “ how much have you even spent that is making you…” when you are in an argument.

Some go even tell you say make you drop your aza, make dem credit you all the money you dun send for dem… forgetting that you could have gone through hell and deprived yourself off some things, just to make them happen at some points in your ship.

Omo, as Daflex dun clear you say she be material girl so, she go easy to get be dat na..

My guy, na material babes easy to get pass… (believe me)

Forget those their porch appearance and packaging, it’s just a façade. (dem get price) And she’ll fall for anyone who can pay the price.

You know why? Once she perceives that you are well to do, or thinks she can get something off you, she go dun dey draw format on how to bill and milk you dry.

Some of em are so subtle, you fit nor even know sef if you nor know these things…
One of their qualities is, they’re good in the ‘ROOM 306’ banging dept. 😉

If you’re the type that has a weakness for dah sweet-in-the-middle… Omo, you’re as good as finished o cos, they’d be giving you mind-blowing sex, after which comes the billing, which you’d chest cos you’d probably wantu make her happy so you could get anoda mind-blowing session again.

Yes, there are baes out there who don’t give a damn about your money. They get their shit themselves.
These types of baes, all they need from a guy in a relationship are: Love, Attention, Affection and Commitment.
Omo, a relationship with these types of baes is what you need to build a meaningful and long-lasting family.

NB: the fact that they won’t ask a dime from you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help them when they’re in need, give them gifts, cash and other good things oh. Don’t be a selfish lover. Reciprocity is the koko to a strong and healthy relationship.

This doesn’t mean some people won’t still fuck things up sha…
The thing is, some people, whether male or female, don’t know how to handle dope ass people.

… this doesn’t mean you should put up with crappy people who can’t handle your amazing self. Learn to back out when you’re not getting the same energy and vibes you are putting to make your relationship work.

E get why Bicycle get 2 pedals o; if one spoil, the bicycle no fit move… So also is a relationship. If only one party is putting all the efforts to make it work, IT WON’T WORK! (Na me Efe talk am)

The truth is, everyone wants financial security, whether male or female, young or old.
Having a good life isn’t for a particular gender, Ikr.


Where wahala dey be say, some females wanna leach on guys without having a life of their own. Na these types dey see marriage as the biggest achievement in life.

You’ll see them enduring abusive relationships just cos of the benefits they enjoy from it… ( the unlucky ones die in the process or suffer from PSTD for the rest of their lives though)

Wait fess, am I derailing again…

While we were talking, Dafe’s girlfriend came around with a friend of hers’.
She greeted us and introduced her friend to us.
We were gisting when I got a text.

“ oshare, come class o, Mr Geez, wan start lecture o,” was the content of the text I got from Akp.

“omo, I wan dey match o, lecturer dun enta class. Peace, no worry, we go settle down draw the map for that ‘matter/level’ later.

Yes, with my guys, ‘matter/level’ can mean anything, depend on the topic of discussion. In this context, level meant Okuna.
The boys smiled, cos they decoded, while Dafe’s girlfriend and her friend looked clueless as I left.


I for do give away today oh but… I use money tey entertain the 3 wise men wey come visit baby Jesus. ;D

MeRRY Christmas, my people!

I wish us a Prosperous and Stress-free New Year ahead..

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