My life at DESPO – Episode 8

“Oluwa bless me today, cause i nor no tomorrow

As i dey work i dey pray, lord show me love

Oluwa bless me today, cause i don’t know tomorrow

As i dey work, i dey pray, lord show me love”

That  Yung6ix’s track ‘Blessing’ (Street anthem) booming from the sound system in the parlor (Somalia).

We carried Mega inside, after the marathon race, we catch am las las.. When we caught him, while some people were pouring him water, others were praying( casting out every ‘foundational curse’ from his life).

Wetin shock me, na wen 1 guy go carry soaked garri and red oil com dat night. “oya open him mouth, cover him nose, force the red oil for him mouth” the guy commanded. Na so dem press Mega for ground like Christmas goat, pour enough oil for him mouth.

” oya, e dun do! Him eye go clear na na.. Make ona dey monitor the guy o” the man told me and i nodded.

Oga dem, i hail all of ona o, if nor be ona wey join me for the race ehn, only me for nor fit catch dis our new Usain Bolt o, i said and they all laughed..

Before then i don put Mega phone for my pocket  cos I  nor wan hear story that touch. To loose guard na sin o cos dem go use you shine…

“Wetin do my boy? Who do my boy dis tin, ehn?.. Talk to me, wetin dey sup?,” Mega’s Chairman asked, shouting, with a concerned look on his face.

‘Bros nor ask me any question now, i dey para dis nite. I go give you update for morning, just allow me relax my head 1st,’ I replied Mega’s boss, angrily. (para mood activated)

“oshare, you dey mad? Na my chairman you dey shout for like dat? Wetin dey worry you?,” Joe asked me.

‘Your father! Your real papa! In short, make thunder fire you and your useless mouth there! You dey crase for head! Iddioott! Me and your oga dey yarn, you fool dey put mouth, ogun kee you there!,’ I fired back at Joe. (i no get joy dat moment cos boiz are not smiling)

You reason am na, why somebody go just com dey ask me Jamb questions dat kind early mor-mor after all the troubles, ehn?

My intention was to drop Mega inside and relax my head till i sleep off but t Mega’s boss many jamb questions dat moment just make me vex .

“Broda talk to me, e too early to dey para, bring your mind down, your blood too hot. Talk to me, wetin happen? You even know say we find ona 2 for Legit tire before we come house? I com even dey think say ona don reach house dey wait for us, but wen i com here see say ona neva reach house, my mind neva reach ground since.” Mega’s boss replied me calmly.

Words and attitude have a way of either making a matter get better or get worse.

The way the guy replied me calmly disabled my para mode(my conscience con dey judge me). My regard for him increased right there cos i was prepared for the worst when his questions pissed me off and that was the reason i replied him harshly (make anything wey one happen, happen).

I sat down on  Mega’s bed (the boy dun sleep go like fool) thinking of how to reply his boss. I don eff up (the way i replied him), so i gats swallow my pride and settle scores with am.

Bros abeg show make we get line(reason) for outside first. I excused his boss and we went outside.

Immediately we got outside i said,’ Bigman, nor vex for the way i take reply you o,the truth of the mata be say, we don enta many problem dis nite and e make my head dey hot,’

‘Secondly, i dey vex say all of go flex, as e burst, ona con discharge leave me and Mega. I dey think say ona go hang around for outside wait for us, but we nor see any sign of ona for outside, dat one join the reason why i para like dat.

‘But wen you take yarn say ona find us for inside before ona com house, e con make me realize say i for no wan you like dat,’

‘Bros, no vex oh, i like the way you take reason for inside, na man you be.. I nor know wetin for happen awish we change am for each other inside,’ I said.

” correct guy!” he hailed me and we shook hands.


Boys life too sweet o! We no dey beef for long, unlike some girls that can beef themselves till the end of time.

If i nor be boy before ehn, i for vex for myself ( hey young lady, don’t look at me like that, na joke i dey). Lol.

One unique thing about boys is that we settle our differences quickly, sometimes with exchange of some of blows (normal life).


“omo, i nor go lie you, wetin i plan to do you for morning before ehn, you for no believe. I just lock-up cos i nor wan make people gather here dis night but, as we don reason man-man so, i dun forget.

I understand why you vex sha, if na me sef, i for stil vex. But incase of next time, make your blood nor dey hot anyhow.

No matter sha, as  we dun settle scores like the guy men wey we be. I still like the way you carry me com outside reason with me. Nothing spoil! as we don get understanding now so, nothing do you my guy,” he said as we shook hands again and went back inside..


If someone does what gets you upset, don’t just get angry. Try to now the reason behind their action (their own side of the story).

Imagine the kind beef wey me and Mega boss for get, if nor be say we go settle scores outside that moment.

I don’t know the plans he had in mind for me prior to our settlement oh, but i nor reason am cos ‘wen e burst, people go delete’ (don’t look at me like that) na Erigga talk am oh.*lol*

Please (na beg i dey) Learn to swallow your pride and apologize when you offend someone (e nor go kill you).


To continued…

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