02- 09- 21

Hey there,

How is it going with you today

… hope you dey alright?

For me, I’m feeling some kinda way today…

A text I received fucked my emotions up, and I don’t even know how to feel at the moment.

Life has happened again! 🤦🏾‍♂️

” Efe, I just lost my mom” – M****.

That was the content of the message.

The moment I read the text from M***, every atom of joy in me evaporated.

Mheen, I was still trying to get over the shock of the news of a friend’s elder sister demise last week, only to receive that shocking news again, yesterday.

… I was speechless.

I couldn’t even bring myself to call or text him that moment cos I was in shock.

You know that feeling you get when your source of inspiration and support leaves you?


I mean… when the one that inspires your drive to achieve greatness gets taken away by the cold hand of death.

It’s one of the hardest things to deal with, mheen…

I could feel M’s pain.

After all the hustle and plans to make mama proud and spoil her silly for all her pains and sacrifices- now this??

How could death be so mean??


But you see life… it doesn’t give a fuck about you, or me, or anyone else.

Life is emotionless!

It does whatever it feels like, without fear or remorse.

It takes whoever it feels like without sympathy or considerations for the feelings of the people attached to that person.

Life is…. 😑


Okay maybe I’m blaming the wrong thing

I think it ain’t life’s fault, I’m sorry, my thoughts are clouded.

… a million and one things running through my mind right now, and It’s such a fucked up state of mind to be.

I think the main culprit here is death.

Oh death,
How cold and cruel can you be?

I know it’s your duty to take people away when it’s their time but..

Why take the good people away so quick?

I could go on and call you evil… and many other names that describes your cruelty but – I won’t…..

Cos, it won’t change anything. 😑

Life is like mother hen,
We are the chicks, and death is the hawk.

Death comes when we least expect… and it comes at random too- without consideration about age, gender or class.

… like a thief in the night, it doesn’t announce it’s coming – neither does it gives a hint about it’s next target.

Death is so bold and heartless that it takes anyone – whenever it pleases. 😬


Have you ever lost a loved one before?

How did it made you feel?

Emotions all messed up… flashbacks of memories you’ve made with them starts playing and replaying…

And, the thoughts that we won’t ever see the demised person again, sends chills down our spines.

Mheen…. 🤦🏾‍♂️

I still feel pangs of pain whenever I think about how the cold hand of death took away one of my favorite humans, my late grandpa (maternal)

…he was a pal and we shared a special kind of bond, then.

Still remember how I felt when I heard the news of his demise…

I just came back from lesson that eventful day, when my dad broke the news to me…

I kinda doubted him at first cos… my grandpa survived a “chest cancer” surgery that everyone thought would lead to his exit from earth, about 4 months prior to his demise.

Pa Timo, he was the only one in this whole world that made me pass the night at a hospital…

I was with him during his trying times, while he prepared for the cancer lumps in one of his chest to be removed.

… we ate together, laughed together, and gisted about random things.

I learnt alot of lessons from my grandpa, no cap!

…especially from some of the mistakes he made while he was young, when he became a man, and some tales about his journey of life so far.( it was a privilege, for me)

I intend to return the favor to my kids, grandkids, and the world at large.

Grandpa was a strong man, a role model, and an influence to me.

Although he is gone, his memories and lessons still lives on – never to be forgotten, by me.

There are some lessons your grandparents didn’t teach your parents, for one reason or the other…

But, they’d open up to you about some things – if you get close to them enough and you’re inquisitive.

My grandpa and I were that close. I went and spend most of my holidays with him – there was never a dull moment with us.

So, when my dad broke the news of his demise to me… it sounded untrue to me at first cos he wasn’t even sick or had any issue prior to his death.

I was still trying to assimilate the news when my mom confirmed the news later. Her eyes were swollen from crying.

… twas then reality dawned on me.

Omo, the realization that I won’t ever see my grandpa again shook my whole being.

I was destabilized! 💔🤦🏾‍♂️

When he passed on,
I wished he could come back.

But such is life, it is what it is.

And… when people were writing their eulogies, I didn’t write any.

Cos I felt that, even if I fill the whole notes up, he wouldn’t be able to read them – so what’s the essence?

… and that’s the reason I’m not a fan of posting any demised person’s pic with captions like Rip or words of how wonderful they were.

I’d only do that if I made them feel and know so – while they were alive.

I don’t know how to fake love to anyone – dead or alive.


I would give the special people in my life all the love, care, respect, affection, attention and appreciation while they are here – alive.

I don’t wait till a specific date or “special occasion” to express my love, care, respect and admiration to the important people in my life.

I treasure every moment I spend with my family or friends – they’re priceless!

I’ve made lots of memories with my family and friends and some amazing people in my life, and I intend to make more wonder memories as time goes on…

Because I think, life is meaningless without memories.

And, its the memories you make now that’d keep you company when you start growing bald and toothless… ( that’s what I think)



In all you do,

Always remember that…

Death is real and random

It doesn’t take older people first, and younger ones later…

This should make you rethink about your relationships and how you treat the important people you care about – in your life.

Why wait till a certain date or occasion to show people you love, care, appreciate and respect them?

Isn’t everyday a special day?

Does love, care, respect, and appreciation only has to expressed on specific dates/occasions?
( O wrong nau)

For me, I think those things should be done on a daily basis.

Cos… tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

And it’s the love, care, respect and appreciation that you give to people while they’re alive that matters…

Cos, when they’re gone… they won’t see those expensive roses you buy on their caskets..

They won’t read the fancy words of praise, amiration, love and respect you have for them in your eulogies.

Show Love and care for the special people in your life, while they’re alive.

For me,

…It is the love they feel, the support and care you made them feel while they are here that counts – every other thing is useless!

Life is transient… very unpredictable.

I’m not telling you this to instill fear in you or make you think negatively, nah!

I’m one of the most optimistic person you’d meet, but, I’m a very realistic too.

Start loving and taking care of the important people in your life today

… tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

❤ & 💡

🌍 Sam Wealth(Efe) ❤


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